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In Layman terms- WordPress is a blogging and content management tool specifically used for the purpose of website designing. The tool is written in PHP which is available as an open source and hence it has been improved continuously over the time. The best part with the WordPress is, you do not need to possess knowledge of coding. A basic knowledge of formatting tools used in Microsoft WordPad will suffice the purpose.

Before its birth in 2003, Websites were only designed using HTML, PHP, Java, which requires deep dive knowledge to programming language. But this is not the case for WordPress, along with its availability of ease; the tool is very user-friendly and easy to use. The example of its popularity among users can be justified from the fact that more than 30% of new websites are designed using WordPress. An end-to-end solution for your website

Though WordPress is an open source and hence can be download online without any charges, various plug-ins, wide range of themes & other important services are not available everywhere. If you are looking to design your own website which should be unique and utmost attractive with numerous additional features, then “10web” is the place you must visit.

Given below are the services offered by 10web, which are extensively helpful in designing a website of your choice. Let’s have a walk through these exceptional services:

Wide range of plug-ins

Plug-in is basically a piece of software written in PHP which is integrated with WordPress to enhance its functionality and new features required to provide a unique experience. 10web gives you the freedom of selection from more than 60 premium plugins/add-ons that are very popular among the users including gallery, form, slider, Social plug-ins, etc. These plug-ins provide more flexibility to both owner and end-users as the options get increased on a website.

Attractive Themes

Obviously, anyone would want to give their website a unique and beautiful appearance. And why not, appearance of your website plays a key role in attracting visitors. 10web provides their customer a Themesmart of professionally designed WordPress themes. Larger the number of themes you’ve, larger the size of audience you would’ve.

Backup with 10web cloud

Now free yourself from the concern of backup. You can automatically backup your website using 10web cloud service. In fact, you can restore the latest version of your website from 10 web’s dashboard. The terminology used to define this service is called as “WordPress backup”.

Optimize your images

Optimization is basically the delivery of high-quality images in the right format, size, dimension and resolution while keeping the smallest possible size at the same time. Image optimization can be done using resizing the images, caching or by compressing the size. 10web helps in doing this for you with its Image optimizer tool.

SEO Optimization and Analytics

Google has its clearly defined criteria for search options- The websites following Search engine optimization (SEO) criteria’s would be the one to reflect as a search result on first priority. Therefore, it is very important to know the performance of your website and actions required to improve your website’s performance. 10 web’s SEO tools & analytics do this for you.

It is very important for your website to be attractive, secured and SEO optimized. All these criteria would help you in building a strong website and will increase customer trust, which eventually leads to success of your startup

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