An Ectomachine of Design


An Ectomachine of Design

There are websites , and there are ‘ Websites ‘ – just as there are designers , and then there are what I would like to term : Innovators of Design . Well, that’s exactly what this next & new team of ‘ web designers ‘ are , Innovators . Of course you have seen them all you might say , but truly , you havent – and I am here to attest to that .

There are great web- designers out there of course – but somehow , they all seem to keep it down to a sort of ” Replication Process ” .

Meaning : they somehow emulate & replicate works of other designers & seem to reproduce just shadows of someone elses works . This tends to get boring & mundane after a while , leaving the imagination to plummet into a void . Well, these next Designers seem to stand apart from the rest . They possess a gritty – grunge- Rock – edge to their work which makes it bear that ‘ originality & fresh new feel ‘ to everything they do .

Their work is in no way mundane nor overshadowed by someone else’s style . If originality is the key phrase to be had here , then these guys have it in over abundance . Just as they state on their profile : They have a ” Mission ” ! what is their ‘ mission ‘ you ask ? Something which I have not seen any other Web Designers out there on the www. state , and that is : ( as they say ) : ” To make you look good ” ! I like that . When was the last time you had someone tell you they want to make you look good ? I don’t know about you , but as far as I’m concerned , I haven’t heard any one aside from my last hair-dresser tell me that .

What I also like about these guys is the other part of their statement as to : ” Why they do what they do ” (?) . Their reasons , are not solely based on profit ( money to some of you capitalists out there ) – but instead : because they harbor a love and respect for creativity and art . Yes , I do believe with conviction that these guys would do it for free if they didn’t have rent to pay – but as all of you are aware : times are hard , so please do give to those who ” make you look good ” !

Their Web Design company goes by the original title of ECTOMACHINE and they are based in Tulsa – and yes they are so new , I was busy peeling the plastic bubble wrap off their site . Now I have always known that Tulsa is Gods Country , but I never realized that the ‘ Demi Gods of Web Design ‘ reside there ! and as far as , being ‘ New ‘ does in no way imply these guys are ‘ new at their craft ‘ ok, so lets not get tangled up in the bubble wrap here .

When I stumbled onto their site , I will not deny remaining there for a good hour or so , oggling over all of their well designed works . Oh yes , these guys are so finely skilled , they must have been surgeons in a past incarnation , and from what I am able to gather – they must surely be the envy of every other web designer out there at the moment & probably for a long time to come , as I am also sure that their imagination will not lack or falter as time progresses . I love the gritty – grunge – effect of their site , and if I ever wanted a website for my own personal reasons , these would be the guys I would hire to create something for my Rock N Roll tastes .

What I like about them is that they make you feel ” in control ” of your site ( or the site which you have in mind ) . They seem to be concerned with ‘ your needs ‘ and they don’t seem to bear a ‘ god complex ‘ about their design abilities ( whereas : most designers , will forfeit your opinions / needs & create what they have in mind ) . No, I believe these guys do have the best intentions concerning their work ethic : YOU !

Their talents are not limited strictly to mere web design , ( if one can deem Web Design a mere factor ) , as they are skilled at a plethora of other web design applications and their talents range in :

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe ImageReady
  • WordPress
  • CODA
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Expressions
  • Google Analytics

They offer their talents in such areas as ::

  • Web Design
  • Identity / Branding
  • Music Packaging
  • Clothing & Merch Design
  • Custom Myspace Profiles
  • Ajax
  • Jquery

Now I bet you didn’t expect so much talent wrapped up in all that bubble wrap now did you ? Now do yourself a great big favor : get off this page , and go visit ECTOMACHINE’s Rockin Web Site , so you can peel off the rest of the bubble plastic and get a feel for these WEB GURUS yourself , and I am certain that you will remain on their site for about a good hour or so looking over their explosive work , and getting to know a little bit more about the great and mighty New Design Machine on the www !

I promise that you wont be disappointed in the least ( if you have any sense of style that is ..ehem..) . Now if you’re a musician , and you haven’t hired these guys to create your website – then all I have to say is : RUN to their site , and beg them to design your website – and oh yeah …give them a lot of money !!! Cause when they get through w/ your website , you can expect your tracks to reach the top of the charts & your career to get out of the slumping state its been in ! Now what are you still doing here ? Go on , go !!! ( and come back & tell me I was right on target ok ? )

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