Movavi Photo Editor Review – Windows Photo Editing Software for Beginners

Movavi Photo Editor is an affordable photo editor suitable for use in all kinds of basic photo editing projects. You should keep a photo editor handy on your computer if you do a lot of travelling and frequently take photos of the places you go. With Movavi photo Editor, you don’t have to get other programs because it is inclusive of all the tools for your photo editing needs.

Movavi Photo Editor can remove any unwanted object from your photo without the need to use clone stamp. Its algorithm is able to recognize the pattern surrounding the unwanted object and apply the same pattern after the unwanted object is removed. The object removal tool is most effective if the background has a simple pattern such as ocean water. If the background is complicated, you may have to use the clone stamp to remove the blemish in the photo yourself. To use the object removal tool, you must go to the Object Removal tab and click the brush button. Your cursor is now a brush tool and you are to draw the silhouette of each unwanted object you want to remove.

The eraser tool can erase any mistake marking that you make with the red brush tool. The magic wand and lasso tools can help with the selection of the unwanted object. The brush size can be increase or reduced by dragging the slider or entering a value of 0-100 in the field besides the slider. When you are done marking all unwanted objects, you can click the Start Erasing button and it will start processing the removal of every marked object. It only takes a short while for the object removal tool to remove all unwanted objects.

The Windows photo editor also features a background removal tool that is handy for removing ugly background in your photo. With the background removal tool, you no longer have to waste time finding a nice spot when you are shooting a photo of someone. You can snap the photo at any place with your camera and then use the photo editor to change the background. To change your photo background, go to the Background Removal tab and use the green brush tool to simply draw along the border of the object you want to keep.

It will automatically draw a yellow silhouette over the object marked with the green brush tool. If the yellow silhouette line is not exactly drawn on the border of the object, you can use the green brush tool to make the marking again. You must not forget to mark the background with the red brush tool before clicking on the Set New Background button to remove the background.

In the Adjust tab, you will find an image enhancement tool that allows you to enhance the image by adjusting aspects such as brightness, tint, exposure, and highlight/shadows. Here, you will also find a sharpness slider that can increase the sharpness of the photo. The sharpness slider can effectively sharpen a photo that is a bit blur. If you don’t know how to adjust the sliders, you can click the Magic Enhance button to let the algorithm perform an automated enhancement on the color tone of your photo.

In the Effects tab, you will find a variety of photo effects that can give your photo a different look. The photo effects filters can create all kinds of effects on the photo including vintage, wood, textures, bokeh, and painting effects. You can overlay as many effects as you want. In the retouching tab, you will find tools for removing blemishes and applying facial cosmetic to the portrait photo.

Besides these tools, Movavi Photo Editor also offer basic tools that you will find in all other photo editing programs including crop, add text, rotate and resize. If you want to stop editing a photo, you can press the trash can button at the bottom to delete it. Before quitting the program, make sure you have already saved the photo by clicking on the Save as button.

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