List of Biggest Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

With more than 6 million mobile apps being present in the App store, the mobile app ecosystem is probably the most thriving technology in the current market. According to Statista, the number of application download in last year was 197 billion. If these statistics tell us anything, in particular, is that the businesses have started to realize the true potential of mobile apps, and have started to invest in this area. In fact, many popular brands have started to use the mobile app development services to build apps in order to increase sales, build brand awareness, and direct marketing.

Here are a couple of mobile app development trends we are most likely to observe in the coming months:

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1) IoT and Wearable Growth

Internet of things and wearables has seen a good growth in 2017, and they are most likely to grow in 2018 too. Various businesses are focusing on developing scalable wearable and IoT app. As per a report, the investment on IoT will increase to 120 billion by 2020. The adoption of wearable technology for developing apps will also grow quickly in coming years, especially in manufacturing and healthcare domain.

2) Fast Loading Webpage

It has been talked a lot that the speed of your mobile pages will matter a lot. Fast loading pages are an ideal way to improve the loading time of your web page in mobile app devices, which can help businesses boost their conversion, retain visitors, and improve bounce-rates while giving better user experience. Besides, it makes your app search engine friendlier. This trend is vital for online businesses and developers.

3) Android Instant Apps

Android instant app is a new evolution in app discovery and app sharing, which empowers Android users to view the content of the app without actually downloading the app on their devices. Businesses can make use of Android Studio to modularize their apps, so as to allow users to download only a portion of the app to see if they like it or not. Vimeo, an emerging video channel, has increased the session duration of their app by 130% on its platform by providing the Android Instant app to the Internet users.

4) Cloud-Based App Development

Adoption of cloud-based app development has allowed many mobile phone app development companies to streamline operations, increase productivity and improve the collaboration. Since a cloud-based app fetches data from the cloud, it can reduce the entire load on the internal memory, which can be beneficial for business owners and app developers as the time to create an app will reduce by significant hours.

5) Business Bots

With AI, IoT and all the other technologies, Chatbots is also growing quickly in the market. Surveys tell that Chatbots market will grow and reach $6 billion by the end of 2023. People will more likely to interact with Chatbots. You can look at the number of people who have begun using Alexa for their day-to-day tasks. The Chatbots are getting popular-such as PONCHO, a chatbot that is a weather forecaster, ENO: a chatbot that is a financial assistant, and MELODY: a health advisor. Many businesses have already started to look at adoption chatbots technology to improve sales by offering their users with a better engagement platform and constant interactions.

6) On-Demand Mobile Apps

These apps act as a medium between the provider of a particular service and their customers. Users would love to pay a small fee for a faster and convenient procedure than spending leisure hours to receive what they want, which is why on-demand apps are made. These apps are developed to solve major problems of humans. There are many on-demand applications built for millennials, such as Munchery, that offers a wide range of healthy dishes and gourmet to be delivered at office or home. Then there is Heal, an on-demand app that sends a doctor to your house to prevent any unpleasant situation. The growing trend of the on-demand app will certainly increase the demand for app developers in this area.

7) Security

As always, security of an app will play a major role in its popularity. As smartphones begun to handle more transactions on a daily basis, security of these transactions will also be mandatory. The mobile app development services have to take security measures into consideration right from the development stage of an app like code encryption, secure back-end, API, secure payment gateway, etc.

Wrapping Up

These were the trends we picked up for some of the mobile app development trends in the coming month. What about yours? What do you think will be the biggest app development shift in the current technologies? Let us know your thoughts on this!

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