jQuery Grid Plugins & Responsive Grid Frameworks for Developers

Responsiveness & Responsibility

When it comes to Web design and development, we are rapidly arriving at a point where we are unable to keep up with the slew of endless new resolutions and devices. We are required to continually be two steps ahead within being able to create website versions for each varying resolution and new device- which makes such an endeavor quite an impossible undertaking, or at least highly impractical.

According to the latest statistics ( ComScore ) Mobile internet users are expected to exceed desktop internet users in early 2014 – and with this in mind one cannot ignore the handheld and mobile device evolution.

Pretty soon, if not already, your web visitors or customers will most likely be accessing your site through a variety of different devices with a wide range of screen sizes, resolutions, browsers and operating systems.

Intelligence By Design

The practice of a Responsive based design consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent implementation of CSS media queries; so that when the user switches from various devices such as: laptop to iPad, the website should automatically be able to conform in order to accommodate for that particular resolution, image size and scripting capabilities.

In other words, a website should possess the technology to automatically respond to the end-user’s device. This method would surely eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for every new gadget which surfaces on the market.

In order to embark upon building a responsive site, having a strong toolkit can make a world of difference. Being equipped with a solid set of tools by which to aid you along in the process of making your site responsive will most certainly help decrease your time spent coding, as well as make your web project compatible across all browsers, screen resolutions and devices.

Reliable Frameworks For Effective Results

One of the major stumbling blocks mostly encountered when it comes to building responsive websites is: having to use wire-frames by which to show how the responsive design will work. When it comes to planning a responsive design it is also advisable to see how other people have approached it before you, however: the first component required for a responsive design is a flexible/fluid grid, such as the Golden Grid System also features a small browser overlay which exposes the grid on your pages for testing. There is also the SimpleGrid, by

14. Simple Grid : A Barebones, Responsive Grid System

Simple Grid is a useful resource to fulfil such a need. It is a CSS grid system that is built with responsive layouts in mind. It is a 12-column one that works well from 1140px down to mobile but also supports any size with the help of fluid columns. A familiar class-naming method is used (ex: col-5-12) and there is a very little learning curve to get started.


15. Responsive GS : CSS Framework for Developing Responsive Websites

Responsive GS is a fluid grid CSS framework for developing responsive websites quickly. It has 3 flavors: 12, 16 and 24 columns with media queries for all standard devices, an optional reset and clearfix. The styles for the grid, media queries, reset and IE-specific ones are smartly separated into different CSS files so we can use only what is needed.



This post is written by Gavin who writes for WebToolsDepot and is a big fan of Fontype.
You can find out more about Gavin in his Author Bio below and connect with him elsewhere on the www 😉

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  1. Artscape says:

    So far I was trying to develope my own framework for most of my works, but I have to try one of these. This will require to change my old mind and drop Photoshop in design process in favour of on-fly browser design process. But things change anyway..

  2. John Slegers says:

    Try Cascade Framework ( http://cascade-framework.com/ ). It’s a pretty new but already very powerful CSS framework with a tiny footprint.

  3. At this moment I am going away to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming over again to read more news.

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  5. grgortiz says:

    Great round up of tips and frameworks for responsive design. We included Bootstrap from Twitter in the latest update to Skematik and have loved having the responsive styles built in.

    • Mia says:


      Simply an uber-awesome-kik-a$$ Theme Framework you lads have developed there!
      I believe youve just re-invented the wheel !
      Simply BRILLIANT & elegant and a $Great Price$ we loved having a look at the instructional vids on how this awesome framework works – and you lads havent missed a beat in developing this RockAwesome Theme framework – Kudos \m/
      We will definitely give you Top Billing in our following article on Twitter Bootstrap Themes & we now know we will be utilizing this theme framework for one of our next projects !

      Much Respect & Thanks for dropping by
      Rock ON \m/

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