How has the introduction of mobile technology changed the design?

Living in the 21st century certainly has its benefits, and the introduction of mobile technology is defiantly one of the many benefits that we have nowadays.

One of the key business sectors that the introduction of mobile technology had on, was the marketing and design sector.
This sector includes media outlets, website creators and designers, graphic designers and pretty much anything that involves media as a form of income.

Before the introduction of wearable and mobile technology, the media market had a simple strategy of marketing and advertising, and that was the conventional way of news print and billboard.

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Even with the introduction of mobile technology media marketing still, makes use of the old conventional methods of news print and billboards, however, some of the billboards are now electronic so that has opened an entirely new sector of media marketing.

The way that marketing companies have been able to combat the introduction of electronic signage is to partner up with a mobile app company that specializes in programming a bridge between the graphic designers and the electronic billboards.

Not only has the introduction of mobile technology affected the media and graphic sectors, it has also affected the webmasters as they are now required to make sure that if they want to have a website that is easily accessible to the general public these websites have to be adapted to work with most if not all mobile devices.

Adapting a website was a massive task for most webmasters as it required them to either wait for a theme to update with the required features or them would have had to have either learnt and figured out the code themselves or spent more money to hire someone with the skill set, which in the initial stages of mobile technology was not cheap.

The next sector that took quite a big hit was the mobile application sector, not only was there a massive gap with regards to people that could program applications for these devices but because of the way the world works, there was now a massive time shortage that most programmers had to build applications to work.

What else changed?

As mobile technology advanced and still advances there is a clear and distinctlydifference in visual effects and graphics, which has evolved into the work of art that everyone now enjoys and sees.
Not only did the programmers have a steep and sharp lesson but so did the graphic designers and visual artist, as they have had to learn what designs broke the limitations of the devices processing capabilities and how to make a design work without losing the readability of the pattern or design.


To conclude, a lot has happened with the introduction of mobile technology, it has effected every business sector and has helped create new university degrees and new job opportunities in businesses sectors.

It has allowed media marketing and design to grow and evolve which has allowed the world to become more productive.

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