How to use Live Shapes in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.2

In this tutorial on Adobe Illustrator, you will learn about some of the new live shape controls that were introduced in Creative Cloud 2015.2 update. The tutorial provides easy to follow steps with screenshots and explanations so that you are able to grasp the fundamentals easily.

NOTE: The bounding boxes have a new look in the 2015.2 version of illustrator CC. They have widgets that provide complete control over the shapes.

So let’s get started:


1. Open a New Document in Adobe Illustrator. Select the ellipse tool and draw a circle.

2. Resizing a circle is very simple. You would notice a handle on both left and right sidesof the circle. If you hover your mouse on top of it, you would notice an icon appears which looks like this . This is a very cool feature. You can pull the left or the right handle in or out to change the size of the circle as it maintains the center point and the proportion of the circle.The following illustration explains how this icon can be used to resize the circle.



3. Now let’s have a look at how the pie angle widget works for a circle. If you look at the control extending out from the handle on the circumference

, you will notice that a pie icon appears when the mouse is hovered over this control. This control is called a pie angle widget. You can use this widget to reshape the circle by moving it clock wise or anti clock wise. The circle or the ellipse can thus be shaped into the shape of a pie with missing portion.

The beauty of this feature is that it allows you to realign the circle and revert back to the original shape anytime, thus offering alot of flexibility in your art work. This is good if you want to create infographic pie charts.


1. Now let us try the polygon. Select the polygon tool icon and create a polygon.

2. In a polygon you will notice a corner radius widget. Look at the picture below, the control is encircled in red.

When you drag this widget, the polygon is resized, the middle is pinned and the corners are rounded.


The transform panel can also be used to control the properties of the polygon or circle. Here, we explain how the properties of a polygon can be altered with the help of transform panel.
1. Go to Windows> Transform as shown below:

2. The following window will appear:

3. The transform window allows you to control six important properties of a polygon. These are:
• Polygon Radius – the radius of the polygon drawn.
• Polygon Side Length – specify the length of each side of the polygon.
• Polygon Side Count – using the slider you can change the number of sides anywhere from 3 to 10.
• Angle – mention the angle at which you want the polygon to be drawn on the canvas.
• Corner Type – you have three options for corner type (1) round, (2) inverted round or (3)chamfer.
• Corner Radius – you can specify radius of the corners of the polygon.

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