How to Select the Best Social Media Management Tool

Social media management tools have made life much easier for busy business owners. However, a common complaint many have is, with so many social media management tools to select from, how do they know which is best for their needs?

This is not an unreasonable complaint at all. After all, the market is in danger of becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of social media software tools available. As a result, if you’re looking for a convenient means of accessing all your social media accounts in the one place, you will need to know what to look for.

Market Presence

Selecting a product based on market presence is a common way of selecting a product, but is it the right way to select a social media management tool? That remains to be seen, because although Hootsuite has the #1 market presence of all social media management tools on the market, it actually doesn’t stack up in other ways. Quite a lot of other ways, to be honest.

Base Price

Once again, selecting a social media tool based on its base price simply isn’t the right way to go about things. Hootsuite may be the most affordable social media management software on the market at the moment, but when you take into account its inability to meet the latest trends and features – according to reputable user surveys – once again it doesn’t stack up. There are far better tools that you can use.

Ease of Learning

There’s a learning curve to take into account with most digital tools and software programs that needs to be taken into account. According to user surveys, the easiest social media management tool to learn how to use is Sprout Social, followed closely by AgoraPulse, an innovative social media management tool that has received many glowing reviews from users and expert reviewers alike.


The support that you’ll receive from the vendor should you experience any problems is also very important. AgoraPulse stands head and shoulders above the pack in this regard, followed by Sprout Social and Sendible, a popular social media management tool with the vendor headquartered in London. This is an important aspect of social media management tools that you need to take into account, after all, if the vendor’s customer service department can’t help you resolve problematic issues, who can?

User Satisfaction

This is the big one. User satisfaction scores are an excellent way of determining which social media user tool you should choose. AgoraPulse leads the pack once again, receiving a phenomenal score of 98/100, which puts them far ahead of Hootsuite, the social media management tool with the biggest market presence.
For your assurances in the reliability of the information in this article, the user reviews referred to were sourced from G2Crowd, which is widely considered the #1 source of software ratings, with nearly 40,000 validated user reviews. All reviews have been moderated by G2Crowd in order to ensure that real users contributed their opinions about the social media management tools reviewed here.

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