How to customize a WordPress template

What is WordPress?
WordPress is the most obvious and preferred content management system for people these days thanks to its Open Source script. It means you don’t need technical knowledge such as PHP or HTML.

Benefits of using WordPress templates

Amongst the thousands of templates, you can easily and quickly customize according to your expectation, where perfection and sophistication in a hassle free manner is the reality. Yes, it is the sheer easiness and simplicity which has even inspired non-technical people to readily showcase their work with the greatest degree of professionalism as well.

How to customize WordPress template

WordPress has given the power of creating a mark for desirous, motivated and creative people who wants to customize templates in an artistic, resourceful and imaginative manner to carve a niche for themselves.
Hence, it necessitates me to mention about Starbis WordPress Theme to esteemed readers like you

Starbis WordPress theme – An insight

Don’t we want a theme which has all required tools, features and is fully optimized to boost your blog’s speed with an awesome design? Well, I am talking about Starbis WordPress theme which offers a “refreshing change” with power packed features and options of customization along with supreme control panel. Yes, based on your exact necessities, you can customize and its powerful coding further speeds up its performance and loading time.

Coding of themes is top notch

Starbis WordPress theme has its coding in place according to the updated guidelines of Google by choosing the best of HTML5 and CSS3 features too.

Easiest possible installation guidelines

For beginners and non-technical bloggers like me, the easiest guidelines inspire me further to go for it. Yes, if “structure of guidelines” has been pissing you off uptill now, due to other themes, cheer up now, as none of that case will happen with this.

Dedicated control panel

The functionality, usefulness and futuristic performance of Starbis WordPress Theme is well cared thanks to awesome control panel. Yes, now customizing layouts, widgets, fonts, colors or any other feature will be the simplest, you can possibly think of.

Updates for a life time

Yes, whenever and wherever, there is a new release, you just need to validate the latest files, thus saving you from facing the hassle of installing the new version every time.

So many premium features you will avail

Do you know that there are as many as 15 extensions (premium) available for Starbis WordPress theme? Yes, talking about layouts, designs etc to make your blog powerful, coveted, inspiring, interesting, innovative, valuable even more.

More child themes in the offing

Over 15 child themes licensed under Starbis WordPress to give you the convenience of installing right from the same place.
Be safe, secure and sure with possibly the easiest backup and restore option in just few clicks. Yes, it work wonders whether you want to migrate or switch the layout to a new site etc.


In an online world where everyone be it marketers, webmasters, bloggers and business owners are looking for the perfection and Starbis WordPress Theme comes with the highest degree of professionalism. So, investing in it will actually boost your online presence. Since, it is optimized for search engine with a fast uploading time, than others.

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