How to Create Value through Software Consulting

There is a big difference between creating a program and software consulting. The first is availed by a programmer, and a consultant does the latter. A consultant’s work is to advice a business or companies about particular software to scale their businesses farther.

Another major difference between a programmer and a consultant is that, a consultant is hired on contract basis, while most times, programmers are salaried. This is because they are working on a long-term project, like main applications sold by the business.

Creating Value through Software Consulting

Terms like profitability and growth are almost foreign for most software companies software companies. Most times, they will come up with a great software application but fail on how to market it to appropriate target markets.

This means they fail to create value for this software and ultimately lose on prospective clients. This has led to the sprout of a business opportunity, more specifically, a software consulting company, a fast growing industry.

You want to buy software for your business, but you are not sure what to choose between several software programs that are almost similar in terms of their functionalities. Services of a software consulting company are vital at this point.

A software consulting company will get to the details of knowing the business nature and its needs. They then use this information to match your business with the right software application to meet your needs. This is done by meeting employees and accessing the work tools they use, and the technology applied.

Bain Software Value Creation

There is a proven approach with regard to value creation, Bain software value creation. It has facilitated businesses to ascertain opportunities that are valuable for growth. This helps to develop your business and form sustained value in order to join the best performers.

How Software Companies Create Value

Over the years, software companies have appreciated value creation and there are key domains they use to attain value creation.


These software-consulting companies define strategy as data driven explanation that expounds more on who to win, how to win, and where to apply the rules you will put in place. This is necessary because it helps the software consulting companies to come up with a value proposition guide.
If you want to hire a good software consulting company, it would be one with a great value proposition statement.

Contents of a Value Proposition in Software Consultancy

A good value proposition should demonstrate everything that is expected of the software for it to pass. It is therefore important to put a lot of emphasis on this as a software consultancy company. Companies that have an excellent value proposition document to potential clients gain the most.

Your software consulting company should create an easy to understand guide that shows why the customer should acquire a product or service. You should keep it brief but detailed. This will appeal to client’s robust decision-making drivers

You should consider the following when designing a value proposition in your software-consulting firm;
• Why clients buy from you
• What the software product is about
• Why the software you are proposing to them is their best solution
• Who your clients are

Why Client Buy From You

A good proposition should tell why clients buy from you. You should be in a position to convince your clients that you have helped create value in software consulting for a long period. Maybe your company has existed for almost two decades. This is a long time to have built a great portfolio in value creation using software consulting.

Explain the Software Product

A software developer may not be in a position to explain clearly using every day’s language what the software is able to do. The software consultant becomes the interface between developers and potential clients. They therefore understand the back end functionalities and relay this information to the buyer using simpler terminologies.
If your value proposition is great, it should explain the functionalities of the software.

Why the Product is the Best Solution

Clients want to know why the software they are buying is the best solution for their firms. You should therefore aim to make a catchy headline. Make it simple and memorable. The best advertisers use awareness to ensure their product or service is on top of the consumers mind.
In addition to this, you may consider use of graphics or short presentations because people are likely to remember what they saw. The use visuals in your creating value using software consulting improve on communication between the consumer and the business.

Who your Clients are

Perhaps you have tried to pitch your idea to a board of directors and then after a great pitch, they ask whom you have worked with. This helps them as potential clients to gauge your level of expertise. When you profile the companies you have worked with, you should first list the huge companies and put the small software companies last.


In order to create value as a software consulting company, you have to consider several things. You should look into your strategies, the people that are involved in the project, as well as the finances.

Most importantly, you should plan meticulously before you begin to implement any project. This will increase your chances of success. In the event that you do not create value in one project, you will be able to trace back to the fault and correct on your next project.

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