Here’s How the Right Link Building Agency Can Help You Analyze Link Quality

When you’re trying to improve your website’s position in the SERPs (search engine result pages), get more web traffic to it, and build trust and authority, you need to be careful when you Buy Backlinks. When you hire the perfect link building services in the USA, you can rest assured of getting high-quality backlinks that not only give your SEO campaigns a significant boost and help build credibility but even generate passive traffic for your website – something you have always dreamt of!

In case you already have a couple of backlinks but aren’t getting the attention and traffic that you aimed for, perhaps your links need to be analyzed by experts to find out what the issue is. This is best left up to the expertise of people in companies that offer perfect link building services. But before you engage these professionals, it’s important to understand why link quality matters and how link building experts can help analyze the quality of your links.

So, let’s delve deeper to find some answers that would help you make an informed choice.

Backlinks and why their quality matters!

There was once a time when websites with the highest number of backlinks were ranked favorably by search engines. As a result, many websites focused on quantity rather than quality and acquired a large number of low-quality, irrelevant backlinks with the aim of giving their ranking a boost. But a lot has changed since then. 

Today, Google’s search algorithm rewards websites that have high-quality backlinks from reliable, relevant, and authority sites, while penalizing those that have low-quality or spammy backlinks. This shows how the quality of backlinks has become extremely important if you want to avoid being penalized by leading search engines and build your website’s authority over time to attract targeted traffic and high-quality leads.

Spending your time and effort in getting low-quality links by the dozen would not only make your website prone to being penalized but even hurt your website’s search engine ranking and market credibility in the long run. That’s why it pays to hire the perfect link building services in the USA that can help you build high-quality links and even analyze your existing links to get the spammy, low-quality ones replaced by medium and high-quality links.
Analyzing link quality – what does it involve?

1. Your backlink profile analysis

The first element of focus is the number of root domains linking to your site. Not sure what a root domain is? A root domain refers to unique domains at the peak of the hierarchical level. The root domains are subdivided into smaller domains, which are known as subdomains. Thus, while is a root domain, its subdomains are,, and  

You can use the dashboard of your Google Search Console to find the total number of root domains linking to your website. You should also find the individual number of links from their subdomains.
It’s equally important to analyze the volume of traffic each of these links is sending your way to understand which category of links you should focus on getting more of and which ones you can ignore as of now. If all these sound like a herculean task, you can always trust competent professionals like those offering you the Perfect Link Building Services USA.

Such professionals can conduct a complete analysis of your links to identify the number of backlinks you have from root domains (and their respective subdomains), their type (if they’re no follow or do follow), their quality level, and the anchor text used, among others. Such an analysis would also let you know whether the backlinks you built once are still active or not. This way, you can request the webmasters of those inactive links to link back to you once again or find the reason if they are unwilling to do it.

2. Identifying good and toxic links

Your website is likely to have both good and toxic links. With backlink analysis, you’ll be able to identify all the medium and high-quality links that can help your site’s ability to rank well in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Additionally, you’ll also spot the spammy, low-quality, toxic links. Usually, these links will display some common signs of their poor quality or an inclination to manipulate the search engines, which could include the following:

· They come from websites whose content isn’t relevant to your niche or offerings.
· They come from sites that have been created with the solitary purpose of linking out to other websites.
· They are from spam comments in blogs and forums.
· They’re from low-quality directories.
· They’re from spun articles, blogs, etc.
· These links are from websites not indexed by Google.
· The links are placed in a website’s footer.
· They are marked as sponsored links.

A reliable company offering perfect link building services can help you spot such bad links via link analysis and get them disavowed or removed before they start hurting your business and brand reputation. Postponing such an action could be costly as it would not only give your business and brand a bad name in the market but could even get your website penalized, thus completely erasing your online presence. You surely wouldn’t want that to happen!

3. Competitor link analysis

The first step to analyzing your link quality is to focus on your backlink profile. Though your first priority should be your own website, you also need to perform link analysis of your key competitors. This task is made easier and faster when you partner with an agency that offers perfect link building services.

It’s likely that you already know your key competitors. For instance, if you are a local business, those offering similar services in and around your locality are your main competitors. Again, if you’re into e-commerce, other e-commerce retailers selling similar products are the ones you should focus upon.

In case you are not sure who your possible competitors are, you can pick a few of your top target keywords and do a quick Google search with them. The sites that feature among the top few results for such searches are your key competitors.

Once you’ve created your list of the top 5 to 10 key competitors, you’ll need to prioritize this list and conduct a thorough link analysis. Since your aim is to outrank these competitors, analyzing their backlink profiles is important, as it would let you identify the areas that you can benefit from or where you can outshine them.

Reputed agencies that offer Best Link Building Services USA are likely to use a few paid research tools, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Open Site Explorer, among others, to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ backlinks. This way, they present you with a lot of useful and actionable data that you can leverage to strengthen your backlink profile and even race ahead of your competitors.


Analyzing link quality involves sorting through a huge pile of data to find the ones that you really need to make informed decisions. If you fail to keep track of it, it would be almost impossible to use them when forming your link building and SEO strategies. However, you can discard such worries when you have an agency or company that offers perfect link building services doing it all for you!

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