Some Hacks to Improve User Engagement on WordPress Site

WordPress is said to be one of the most popular and advanced software humankind has ever seen. What are the amazing qualities of this software? – It is free, has generated billions of dollars for the new businesses and helps many businesses to bring new to target the audiences.

Shortly, WordPress helps in making the blogging easier than ever. With the help of WordPress, businesses are making tons of money on businesses across the world. This platform acts as the fuel to boost up the new entrepreneurs in targeting new clients and expand the industry as well. Still, this section requires improvements so that it can run better than ever.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to improve the user experience on the WordPress site-

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1. Improving the SEO skills

No matter, how long you are in the field of content marketing & blogging, it is very important for you to know the rules of search engine optimization and process of ranking in Google. The SEO rules are changing day by day; hence, you should always remain updated with the changing SEO tactics.

One of the important ways to keep ahead of the competition is to make sure that your business is getting good rankings in Google. You should be careful to check that the WordPress is being rightly set up in SEO perspective.

2. Have an expert roundup on your website

Making contents for your website can be one of the best ways to provide information to the audience and increase rankings in the Google search results. However, it is not good to write the same type of content; it can act as the killer as your audience will feel bored. If you are having an informational website, there is mandatory to provide lots of informative blogs.

The best way to bring excitement to your blog is to take the help of the expert. The concept is quite simple. Find a group of bloggers who are well established in this field. The blogs should be enough information so that the audience comes to back to your site repeatedly. Now, what can be new about the blogs? – They should be full of social sharing, backlinks, references and lots more. Your blogging page should feature the top blogging experts.

3. Make an effective contact form

By default only, most of the WordPress blogging pages have the contact page that allows the website visitors to send emails to the owners of the blog. Some of the bloggers also install the Contact Form 7 in the WordPress sites to enhance the user experience. Another solution for contact form is by using the WEBForms.

It is the advanced drag and drop form maker that help the owners of the website to have total control of the site and to collect information. This tool not only offers the chance to create the online forms that you want, but it helps you to accept the payments, reducing the spams, creating subscription options and also offer templates to choose.

4. Use optimization tips

As I have told, WordPress is amazing, but if you start to add plugins, comment boxes and themes below, it become a messy world for you. This is the reason you should always keep an eye on the performance of the website. You should also do the optimization tests and other things that are necessary to maintain the ranking of the website.

You can take help of the ElegantThemes that has the list of optimization methods that are required by all the WordPress users. Some of the tasks that the WordPress users can do are using the themes, monitoring the plugins, removing the trash and spam comments, pingbacks, reducing the drafts and optimizing the web pages.

5. Use a Google Spreadsheet

You may be thinking that your site is fast, but let Google decide it. Almost all the search engines like Google and Yahoo are putting more emphasize on the loading speed and loading time of the website and how they can be ranked in the search engines. Be sure that you are not hurting your website due to slow speed.

You can use the Google PageSpeed Insight tool to check the speed of the website. Simply place the URL of your website in the form and click the “Analyze”, the result will be shown on the screen. This tool will show also the key areas that are slowing down the speed of the website.
From the above points, it is clear that you can follow several tips to enhance the user experience of your WordPress website. You can improve the theme or collect data to generate the forms, it is all about following the latest web trends and implementing them on the website that you have. You can also check the site on top website analysis tools to check the functionality of the same.

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