Guidelines for Building an Addictive Mobile App

Owning a mobile app for your business has become a necessity for the current market trend. In this era of digitalization, more of the population is addicted to their mobile devices like laptop tablet or smartphone.

In the past few years, there has been an exponential growth in the number of app development companies because of the rise in the use of the mobile application.

For any large scale or small scale business app has become a necessity, if they want to meet their customers in the environment of their choice, not where it is convenient for them.

Coming to the fact. There are more than 5 million apps currently available for download on google play store and Apple’s app store.
Despite this fact, there are only a few apps which are used by users on regular basis and users spend their 85% time exploring and enjoying this app. Rest remain unnoticed!!

There are a bunch of users who visit an app and will like to revisit it as they are pleased with the app to look feel and functionality.
These facts very well state that the majority of mobile app firms are failing to engage their user. App development companies have to work to improvise their work to engage users and deliver an addictive app.

By keeping some essential factors like design and human behavior we can work to increase engagement on our mobile app and this will help us to be outstanding in the competitive market.

Build a clear ideology about your mobile app’s purpose:

Before exploring how to build an app and its budget you must have a clear picture of your app’s purpose. Think from the user perspective why they will revisit your app in the future once they visit. You must have a strategy to engage visitors.
Clear your mind and sketch up what content you are likely to put on your app.
Blog or your YouTube channel can be integrated with your app, but this will only be beneficial if you have existing content.”

Trigger motion with stunning app design

User interface and user experience play a vital role in the success of any app. Once a user visits your business app he should feel ease in using your app’s interface.
The look and feel should be as such that it after exiting your app the user should have an image of your app in their mind that they need to revisit and explore more.
Eye catchy and simple UI contributes to a great extent in attracting visitors and converting them into loyal customers.

Know your audience:

Before starting to build your mobile app for your business you must be doing detail research about your customers. You must have a clear answer to these questions.
Which age group you are about to target? With what features you are going to engage your customer? What’s the result of the market analysis of likes and dislikes of customers related to your business.
Ones you analyze and get your app build as per the above factor you are surely going to make your fan spend more time and money on your app. The app converts more visitors into consumers as compared to websites but you have to build a brand trust in visitors mind by your services.

Connect people in a new way

Apps focusing on social and connecting people are more prone to success. A real business app should have a deep interaction within your enterprise possible. Focus on providing ways to collaborate and make use of push notifications, sharing and liking and the following strategy.
Provide a platform where employees, customers, partners, and vendors can link processes, get details of their activity and much more.
Engage your customers with notification about the new features, offers, and products driving them to reuse the app and getting addicted to it.

Rewards on app promotion:

Rewards on recommendation play a vital factor in promotion. If you look into apps of ola, uber, and Google Pay. They have been a great success app in the past few years. People are promoting these apps because of the reward in form of cash, free rides they are offering. On the other hand, this makes your customer revisit your app regularly.
Dropbox offers rewards in form of increased storage to their existing customer for recommending the app to a new user. And the success of these apps is not hidden from anyone.
So, plan how to engage your consumer and benefit them with rewards and keep them engaged so that they love the experience of using your app.


The app market is quite competitive with thousands of app available for the same consumer using their respective market strategy. So, you need to be a year or more ahead of the current market trend as because of there a regular upgradation in devices and connectivity changing the mindset of the consumer.
For the same mass of customers, there are many apps using their respective strategy so it’s vital, to sum up, all ingredient work in arrangement to get customers hooked.

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