Why Your Google Adword Campaign Isn’t Generating ROI?

As of July 2019, Google owns a massive 92.19% market share. It’s doubtless that Google is the leading search engine. In Australia, Google has a market share of 95.05% for the current year.

That’s why Google’s ad network is the number one choice and recommendation for advertisers and business owners. With revenue of 79.38 billion, it becomes the largest ad network last year.

There are no limitations in business, especially when you’re getting double for every dollar spent on Adwords. But, it’s not that easy. To achieve this type of result, you need to hire an expert or a well-experienced marketing agency that can help you create an ad campaign that delivers maximum ROI.

Yeah, you might create and manage an Adwords campaign in-house but, it won’t be as effective as created and managed by a digital marketing agency.

Adwords isn’t that easy. It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do.

Here are some Adwords campaign practices that help your campaign generate more ROI.

1. Keyword Research and Selection

Keywords are essential for every ad or marketing campaign. It’s an important factor that Google uses for your ads. Keyword selection will decide whether your ad gonna perform high or low.

Here’s what happens if you don’t select your keywords correctly.

If you’ve chosen the right keywords, your ads gonna perform really well and drive targeted traffic – that is more likely to convert.

Many advertisers don’t know how Google uses keywords, are more likely to make the mistake of using irrelevant keywords and features. There are three types of keywords Google uses to understand an ad: exact match, phrase match, and broad match.

Exact match keywords tend to convert more than other types of keywords. Because your ad only shows when a user will search for the exact keyword. This is something that most of the un-experienced advertisers don’t know of and use broad keywords that destroys your ad campaign.

Another differentiator is not using negative keywords. A negative keyword is an irrelevant keyword that prevents Google from not showing your ad on SERPS. There are too many negative keywords that don’t send any type of traffic but waste your budget, which results in low ROI.

Using negative keywords will help you filter irrelevant clicks and stop showing your ad for irrelevant searches.

2. Ad Extensions

Ad extensions add additional information to your ad and make it more informative.

Ad extensions help you to increase your conversions and CTR. Accor Hotels improve their AdWords campaign results by using ad extensions, here’s what they’ve got:

# CTR increase by 4%
# Sitelinks and image extensions increase the CTR from 13% to 24%
# Review extensions increase the CTR by 19%
# Form extensions increase conversions by 14%

It’s one of the reasons why your Google Adwords results suck. Using the right type of ad extensions at the right time will help you increase your ROI.

3. Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors will give you a good start. Look how their ad looks like? Look for ad extensions, find what kind of keywords they’re using in their ads then, finalize the results. And Adwords will never tell you this. Only an expert or a well-experienced agency knows how to analyze your competitor’s ad campaign and create a better one that outranks them.

Experts use tools like SpyFu to analyze your competitors before they kick-off your ad campaign. You can see your competitor’s top-performing ads, there targeted keywords, average CPC, and monthly budget, etc.

If you find that your competitor is running an ad on the same keyword from months, and spending money blindly. What does that mean? These keywords convert.

You have to make your ad more effective than your competitor and here’s when an expert comes. This makes you different from others and helps you improve your ROI significantly.

4. Relevancy

Relevancy is still a thing nobody pays attention to yet. It’s one of the most important parts of your Google ad campaign and decides whether your ad gonna perform good or bad.

Your ad, offer, and landing page must be relevant For instance if your ad shows up for “free iPhone”. Every user who clicks your ad expects that he/she will get a free iPhone from your store. If you run this type of ads and your content is irrelevant, you know what type of results will come and how much ROI you’ll generate.

That’s why it’s important to make your ad relevant and improve your Quality Score in Adwords.

Smart advertisers create ad campaigns and ad groups smartly so they can manage the ad, landing page, and keyword relevancy easily.

If you don’t structure your ad and groups, you might be sending a large amount of traffic to your website but, with zero conversions. It won’t help you to increase your ROI and improve your conversions.


Don’t let any un-experienced so-called experts ruin your ad campaign and empty your wallet. Always hire professional PPC experts to create and manage your Adwords campaign. Adwords is not only about creating an account and then create an ad. It doesn’t matter what you, what matters is how you do. It’s not that easy setting up an ad and wait for leads to come – you’d be watching your money fly away. Adwords is about making your every penny countable.

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