How to Fix Traffic Drops After a Website Redesign?

If you think your website is outdated or has not been updated for a long time. If you think your website is not going with the latest design trend, then you need to consider of redesign your website. Your website should be redesigned keeping in mind with all new features available in the market and to attract more and more customers. In this way, you need to bear in mind some common mistakes that most of the designers make while redesigning as well as re launching the new website. These mistakes can affect your website ranking, and at the same time drastically push the site fall of traffic.

Here, in this post, we are about to discuss about the things that you should know and carry forward to your website design process, from start to end. Yes, we will discuss the things that will help you fix the website traffic dropping after website redesign and help you to avoid the website traffic drops as well as mistakes that the majority of designers do while website redesign.

Reasons for Website Traffic Drop after Redesign

There must be various reasons for a website traffic dropping after the redesign process. Let us discuss common four mistakes that most of the web designers make while redesign the website. Let us see what are they:

• Redirect Issue – You should think about two different things, whether you need 404 or 301 redirect. Though, both are redirect, but have some reasons to choose the best one. If you are just changing few things that you do not want to show on your existing page, you can use 301 or if you like to redirect your visitors to a new page from your existing one you can use 404 redirect, these two are most essential things and you should look after them properly while redesigning the website at first hand.

• Website architecture – For the purpose of crawling as well as indexing, your website architecture would be that way built that can give you best optimizing experience, better to say your visitors can face easy to use your website when they see your website architecture. The sitemap should build in a way so that visitors who do not understand where to go or find, can visit the sitemap and come to a conclusion.

• Website Copy – While redesigning your website you should bear in mind to arrange your web pages in accordance with the keywords you were ranked previous time. As you know your keywords are important that help your web copy to rank in search engines. To do this task you need to hire a SEO. Who will help you to do that effectively, and make sure that your traffic may not drops.

• Website URL Structure – Most of the time it is seen that after the website redesign most of the URL structures destructed and due to the reason the traffic gets down. To make it quick and error free, you should look the website URL structure while redesign the website.

Thinks to know to Avoid Traffic Drops & Common Mistakes while Website Redesign

The above described four reasons are some of the common reasons that the majority of web designers make while redesign the website, but there could be other reasons. Here, we will now discuss the tips to avoid the traffic drop and some other common mistakes to look after while web design process. Let us see the things you need to know to avoid the traffic drops and avoid the common mistakes while website redesigns process.

• Hire an SEO expert soon you do the website redesign task.
• Craw you entire website and create completely a new sitemap for better indexing.
• Set up the 301 or 404 redirect pages as per your need.
• Make the URL structures as friendly as possible, so that search engines cannot face difficulty to crawl as well as index your website.

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is no doubt good whether the traffic drop problem does not even arise. By the following things discussed here in the post will help you avoid the common mistakes and follow the rules that help increase your website traffic at the same time.

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