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There are WordPress Themes , and then ….there are WORDPRESS THEMES ! I had been wanting to assemble and post some of the TOP WP Themes for some time now , however : I had not seen any Themes in particular which were enough to make me look twice and say ‘ whooaa ‘ , therefore – it took some time until I came across a few ( not many ) WP Themes which were so perfectly structured and designed w/ an array of various user end functionalities well, tailored and user-considerate , and : did I mention Great Design ???

Great Design is def one of the first priorities within a theme . If its just ‘ blahh ‘, then I seriously doubt anyone will say : ” OMG I so want to spend an enormous amount of money to buy this dull, boring , ugly theme ! ” ….NOT !!!

Now, albeit Design may be one of the very first important factors to consider when buying a theme – however : the overall relevant factor and super-ceding element to be considered when investing in a theme ( in which you will not only spend a substantial monetary amount, but will also have to live with for a while ) is : FUNCTIONALITY foremost .

There are WP Themes flowing onto WP Theme Galleries and various download sites continually , and what I have been seeing is a type of ‘ Replication ‘ process by basically most [ whereas : every 30 sites you visit will be pushing the same themes ] .

Not much of a selection or any ‘ Variety ‘ , and basically not too many outstanding and exceptional designs as far as Themes go . However , there are those few ” Exceptional Designers ” who still posses a sense of Vision and Imagination to go along with their Knowledge & Rockin Code skills . Here are some of those Designers and their ‘ Exceptional Works ‘ .

The themes presented here are ” Premium Themes “ , and in essence : they are worth their price I believe .
Below are the sample image previews ( which by no means are able to do justice to these themes . )

Once you view the image sample , please click on the DOWNLOAD Button in order to View the Live Demo’s to the Themes within their respective sites .I hope these awesome themes will enable you to choose the right WP Theme for your site / blog .

Thank you & enjoy .

:: In order to fully purvey all of these beautifully designed Themes , and to get a feel and a true appreciation for them , I recommend that you take your time in looking them over and truly deciding which is the best Theme suited for your needs.

You can always tailor / customize it upon installation .



::Also comes in ” CODA BLUE ” HERE.

THE ” WP CODA ” Theme by Greg Johnson . What can be said about this theme ? It is pure ART & Design ,[ with a touch of warmth as far as the colors ].

The ” WP CODA” was designed and structured after the “genuine article” , the CODA SITE itself ; ( take a look and compare , I personally prefer Greg Johnson’s 3 versions – sorry “Panic” Coda … )

I dont believe there are sufficient words by which to adequately describe this Template – it is beyond words . There has never been a Template / nor a Theme Design such as this . If Michelangelo were alive today , he would definitely have wanted to aspire to be Greg Johnson . Please do yourself the favor and view the Live Demo to this theme and decide for yourselves. It will def be on my TOP FAV LIST for a long time to come , or until Greg Johnson simply decides to reinvent the wheel or something to that effect 🙂




PERSONAL INFO on Greg Johnson ::

The founder of popular webmaster forum MySpacePros.com, Greg Johnson is a UI Designer and Software Developer that focuses on developing web applications used by other web masters to monetize their online presense. While Greg enjoys his career in web development, his career passion is in game design. Greg hopes to publish his first game over XBOX Live and Wii Arcade within the next 2 years. If you would like to get in touch with Greg or just see what he’s up to, maybe even support him with web hosting, you can do so by visiting his website: Greg-J.com.

:: Visit BUST-A-THEME.COM For features Info & Direct Download .

::: Please note : You must register , and then LOGIN , to BUST-A-THEME.COM in order to be able to download these Revolutionary Themes .
It’s all worth it 🙂

** UPDATE ( Nov 6th 2009 )

These 2 next themes are simply SUPERBLY STUNNING & very NEW !
Whether you are looking for a personal Blog type theme which is Classy beyond words or you want a Magazine type theme – then look no further : The Web Designer behind these 2 awesome themes is Radu, of WPSMASH.COM– a brilliant theme designer who will def be the talk all over the WP Platform as the most riveting Theme designer ( as well as a great guy, who gives user Theme support which is vital for not only the user , but the designer as well ). His latest 2 themes are considered classy and well structured and Original within their design.

Behold 2 of the most beautiful themes on the Web @ the moment ::


[ a Premium Theme $ 59.00 & worth every penny ! I assure you ] and ::


[ which is just beyond beautiful & FREE ! yes – believe it or not ! FREE .

The beauty about these 2 themes is not only are they beautiful , but Radu has taken into consideration that all users have different color choice preferences and has managed to create CHARISMA ( the premium of the 2 themes ) in 12 striking colors ! yes : 12 colors !!!

Which means : You will never tire of these themes – and for Magnolia he has turned this theme out in 7 beautiful rich elegant bold colors which you will simply love once you feast your eyes on them .

Check out the AWESOME drop down LOGIN Panels Radu has implemented on these themes & of course the fantastic footer widgets such a twitter livestream & all of the other great features on both these themes .

Enjoy 🙂


[ a FREE theme ] 7 COLOR CHOICES :





UPDATE | Unfortunately, the Charisma Theme has been Retired by its creators over at WPSmash.

Charisma Magazine Theme for WOrdpress



Cafe Press




::CAFE PRESS is a beautiful Premium WP Theme packed with customization and management options, Cafe Press is a perfect “out of the box” solution for small businesses (cafes, restaurants, etc.), or a personal Blog to display your photos, or videos .

You can always change the Logo to whatever your imagination can produce , it’s all up to you. A beautiful Theme well worth the investment . WordPress isn’t just for blogging anymore. The Cafe Press theme was designed specifically for small businesses looking for a light weight online solution.

However, blogging can be a very powerful marketing tool, and Cafe Press gives you the option either way.

My Personal Favorite by this Designer is the Theme titled SEVEN-FIVE-THEME , which is one of the BEST minimalist themes I have ever seen and which has a great menu / nav , and some pretty UBER lifestream elements .

This is a beautiful minimalist theme if you like pristine , clean themes . This one is def a BIG + , so do check it out . Jason Schuller is definitely an Architect when it comes to great design & structure in Themes . He designs some of the most beautiful Themes w/ user consideration overall .


Wordpress Seven Five Theme



::: VISIT PRESS 75 and get Details to this beautiful Theme & The ” Cafe Press ” Theme.

DeZine Theme




Another stunning & beautifully designed WP Premium Theme by the very talented Simon Rimkus. A German freelance web designer, big WordPress fan who specializes in creating professional WordPress themes. Some of them are free and some are commercial.

Simon has definitely done a spectacular job as far as his themes go , and “DeZine” is simply one of those designs which many or any who purchase this Elegant theme will be content with for a long time to come .

I dont believe anyone will tire of this theme for a long time to come . This theme is packed with so many extras that you simply wont know what to do with them. When you go to the Live Demo page , just check out all of the features on the main menu and simply take your time to get to know this theme .

Familiarizing yourself with a Theme thoroughly before you purchase it is a very good idea as well as a precautionary measure. Many users will purchase a Theme simply based on aesthetics & design , but forfeit their own needs and basic or major functions .

If you are running a professional Blog/ site , then these themes will be very beautifully tailored and suited to your needs . However, if you’re considering running a Blog about the price of fertilizer in Wyoming Falls ( no insult towards fertilizer, or Wyoming Falls for that matter ) – then I would recommend something which is Free & generic .

You cant wear overalls and ride in the back if a Rolls Royce . Sorry .

Simon has designed some truly elegant themes , which are adequately suited for Professional Bloggers , and well worth every penny ! [ or Euro in this case ]

:: Please note : the currency / price requested for Simons themes are in Euro – which is still beautifully priced in Dollars & SENSE 🙂




You may also consider checking out the DEGUSTO THEME [ by Simon again ] which is simply breathtakingly STUNNING
as far as Elegance goes.

The DEGUSTO Theme is a dark and elegant portfolio theme. It was built to nicely combine both the presentation of your portfolio (web, photo, logo and other work) and your blog articles..

If you are a pro-Photographer or Web Designer wishing to display your work within a professional manner then this theme will certainly do your work justice . It has every feature imaginable – and the side panel accordion slider menu is Uber idea of Simon to have implemented it there .

Degusto , like the DeZine Theme def has a lot of added user features which makes your investment in these 2 particular Themes very worthwhile indeed. Enjoy .

:: KEY Features of DEGUSTO :

  • Customizable content slider on home page
  • Collapsible Ajax sidebar
  • Custom page templates: full width (no sidebar), archives page
  • Auto image resize
  • Widgets ready
  • Theme admin options

And well worth every penny 🙂

::Please visit THEME SHIFT and have a closer look at all of the elegantly designed Themes .

Product Folio



A Simplistic Pristine Classy Theme for a Professional Blog . A strategically designed Product
Folio WordPress theme to create a quick, professional website for your creative work portfolio or, feature your digital web application. A beautifully structured Theme for your personal small online business venture or personal techie blog.

Features of ProductFolio ::

  • 7 color schemes
  • Elegant featured slider
  • Dropdown & breadcrumb navigation
  • Search engine optimized
  • Advertisement ready
  • Widgets ready

VISIT : PREMIUM THEMES For Purchase Info & Details.

WP iBlog Pro




iBlogPro is designed to help you persuasively communicate with a wide audience. It looks great with images and it’s easy to use to build beautiful websites.

If you have always coveted a Mac ( Apple ), but decided it was way out of your reach – then this Theme will sufficiently make up for any shortcomings .

It is packed with super neat features and is very smooth as far as loading goes . Also : Very nice on the eyes & well worth its price .

Features of iBlog Pro Theme :

  • Cool Apple.com look and feel
  • Homepage featured slides show
  • Flowbar, accordion, content and drag/drop Sidebar Options
  • Advertisement ready
  • Widget-ready

::You may also consider checking out STATION PRO , a Dark Tech Theme packed with some pretty neat features as well .

:: Visit PAGELINES for Purchasing Info & details.

Rich WP -FastBlogger ( White )




Rich WP – FastBlogger ( Dark )




Enough cannot be said about this Template by Felix Krusch of RICH WP theme fame, called appropriately enough : FASTBLOGGER . Felix Krusch [ RICH WP ] has a knack for designing classy , elegant , professional CLEAN themes .

I have been in LOVE with this particular theme since it first came out and unless one views the Live Demo , they will not be able to understand why. This particular theme also comes in Black which is simply stunning ( to say the least ) , however for the price this theme is presently going for – it is worth every single penny – and I love white as well.

Fastblogger is just so smooth & easy on the eyes -and if you are a REAL writer and are devoted to your craft , then this theme will make you very happy . To get a real sense of how beautifully this theme is designed please do go to the RICH WP site and test drive this theme, it is well worth it.

:: Visit RICH WP for Info , Demo & Purchasing Info & details .

Woo Themes | Groovy Blog

WOO Themes GroovyBlog



The Designer Crew over at WOO THEMES have definitely turned out a great collection of Themes once again and ” Groovy Blog” is another colorful, funky theme; this time aimed at personal bloggers.

:: Packed w/ some UBER Features such as :

  • 17 amazing colour schemes
  • A Home Page tabber showcasing specific categories
  • A Home page js scroller displaying latest image uploads
  • Header space for either Twitter module or ad banner
  • Widgets ready
  • Theme admin options

:: Visit WOO THEMES GROOVY BLOG for Purchasing Info & details.

Woo Themes | Ambience




Another beautifully Elegant Theme by WOO Themes ( and my personal favorite ) is AMBIENCE . Ambience is a simple, yet elegant, theme designed for personal bloggers.

With the customized Lifestreaming widget and prominent Twitter status message, the theme is perfect for aggregating all of your online content into one place.

:: Key Features of AMBIENCE :

  • Grid-based design, perfectly suited for a personal blog
  • Extravagent background graphics and front-end transparencies that’ll make you stand out from the crowd
  • Integrated, custom lifestreaming functionality
  • 5 gorgeous different colour schemes and styles
  • Widgets ready
  • Gravatar ready
  • Advertisement ready with banner management script
  • Theme admin options

:: Visit WOO THEMES AMBIENCE for Purchasing Info & details.

WP Celebrity Gossip




WP “CELEBRITY GOSSIP”, can be deemed a very Clean , Pristine, Professional Personal Blog Type Magazine Theme , very well suited for those who wish to display thumb images along with their posts . This theme comes in 3 different flavors : LIGHT, WARM & DARK .
The Dark theme is beautiful and very professional looking . The price is excellent also & comes with excellent support & implementation .
Def on my top- Theme list, right alongside the RICH WP

Obox | Hash One




‘HASH ONE’ is the first theme to come out of the Obox Signature Series.
This theme is aimed at those who want their personal blog to stand out well above the rest with a unique design which has a subtle, stylish impact on your visitors. Sticking with the Obox Design style, the design crew over at Obox Themes have implemented all the elements which they have mentioned in their blog and video show.

This includes the ‘Gina Effect’, The Ten Pixel Method, and correct margins & padding. With a well documented CSS file, easily modifiable image files and a powerful administration section you will be able to customize this theme to your exact needs.

Features include super slick jQuery and video blogging features.
Hash One , resembles the well structured Smashing Magazine ” MAGAZEEN” Theme which is still up there in the Theme ranks of Templates.

Hash One uses the “OCMX Live” content management system to easily manage your content without extensive coding knowledge of WordPress 2.8.

This means you can easily manage comments, install Google analytics, upload and update your logo, modify the menus, create your own galleries and manage site advertising.

The theme has great attention to detail. Small elements such as the black wrap-around ribbons used on the “Read More” and “Add Comment” links and also on the Search bar all come together to give the theme a real premium look and feel.

:: VISIT HASH ONE site for Info , Pricing & Details .

WP – Blubs



BLUBS is a Niche Theme to say the least . It’s a high quality Premium WordPress Theme, with an afforable price. Blubs is a two colum WordPress theme with fluid layout and it is widget ready.

It sits right up there in the company of CELEBRITY GOSSIP & RICH WP . It’s clean, easy on the eyes , loads beautifully , is affordable and it makes a statement without putting on a lot of show . This is a beautiful Theme and very nicely priced .

:: VISIT BLOG PERFUME for all Info , Pricing & Details for ” BLUBS”.

**Note : It seems that the Customer / User Support by this team is excellent as they respond to all user issues immediately and look to accommodate their users with the best possible service & solutions pertaining to Installation issues.

This is also one of my fave Themes as well .

BEST of the Premium Themes

This Theme has got to be THE best Theme I believe exists out there ( immediately after the Greg Johnson “WP SLIDER” of course ) ; However , if I had to choose between these two themes , I would def trurn around and choose something entirely other than any of these two – simply because I wouldnt be able to choose between them , they are simply PERFECT as far as Themes go , and I would want them both – so…since I wouldnt be able to have them both I would choose something out of the ball park .

This UBERAWESOME Theme comes from those talented individuals over at NATTY WP and the theme is called ” FLASHLOG ” .

Yes , as the title implies : it is a Flash Blog . I have always had a Flash-Fetish , and when I first laid eyes on this Theme , I fell hopelessly in love .

Flashlog is a unique personal page theme, developed by NattyWP, it bears a vivid and impressive design, outstanding Flash animation and effects. The design of this theme is going to make your blog stand out. It also features astonishing functionality of NattyWP modules, the administrator of the theme control panel, and also a fully adjustable sidebar and the footer with the help of widgets.

This theme is so super packed with great features and is so visually stunning – that a mere ‘ Preview ‘ will def NOT do it justice . I urge you to head on over to Natty Wp and see this up close and take it for a test drive ASAP !

::Key Feautres of ” FLASHLOG “ :

  • Flash animated header and menus.
  • You can choose between displaying pages or categories in the menu.
  • You can select between showing full posts or excerpts.
  • 7 custom NattyWP widgets.
  • 2 delicious colour schemes
  • ALSO : Check out the STANDARD FEATURES , The Widgets , and the Preset Styles .

    NATTY WP, also provides excellent User Support and assistance .
    But the best part of this Theme is its Price !!! You will be amazed at it’s affordability . So, do go on and view it , examine it , test drive it and take it home 🙂

    Natty WP FlashLog Theme

    Flashlog – Premium WordPress Themes || Club WordPress themes

    ::: VISIT NATTY WP and get Pricing Info & Details to this SPECTACULAR Theme .


    LAST but not least : a beautifully structured & aesthetically pleasing clean Theme , loads smoothly and is super easy on the eyes , as well as to use – is the FREE Theme being offered by THEME STYLE and is titled “DeStyle” .

    DeStyle can easily handle a lot of content. The Superfish multi-level dropdown menu lets the user nicely browse through categories and pages of all different levels. Through the theme options page you can easily manage your sidebar square banners (125×125px).

    Just provide the image URL and the link destination. You can also control the nofollow attribute of each link.
    The theme deStyle comes with some useful custom page templates that will be necessary on every blog magazine site.

    You can select between full-width (no sidebar, authors list, archive page and bookmarks page). Through the theme options page you change the look and feel of your website at any time. As a default feature of ThemeShift themes the theme options let you fully control your theme without having to mess around with code.

    deStyle nicely displays nested comments. Let your users discuss and reply to each other in up to 6 levels. Threaded comments are definately one of the top features of this theme. Trackbacks are displayed separately. This simplistic Theme is loaded with some nice user features .

    DeStyle WordPress Free Theme

    Click for Live Demo & Download


    I hope you have enjoyed all of these beautiful & Exceptional WP THEMES , and I hope that you also agree that they are def worth their value . Now go out there an purchase the Theme of your choice and BLOG to your hearts content !
    Catch you all in cyberspace !

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