Essential SEO Factors To Consider During Website Graphic Design!

The company’s website is central to the world of digital marketing. But in addition to being the face of the company/brand, the site is the most significant source of organic traffic.

Web design is an integral part of marketing, as is SEO. At the same time, the effect of developing a site with high-quality design and a focus on SEO-promotion will obviously be stronger when both of these tools are applied in a comprehensive manner, complementing each other.

In an effort to create an original website, designers sometimes overload it with unnecessary graphic elements, which are thereby slowing down the download speed. Therefore, it is necessary to consider that your site is responsive, which is correctly displayed on any devices like mobiles, phones, tablets, computers. The user should easily find the necessary information, as well as use the functionality of the site. You can buy affordable SEO packages at affordable prices.

In this blog, we will talk about the relevant SEO factors that are essential during website graphic design:

Consider User Intent

The thought that arises before a person begins to enter a query to the search bar is called the user intent. In order to correctly rank the site, search engines are increasing their intelligent power by teaching bots to imitate human behavior as accurately as possible. These search engines seek to understand the true message behind the user search query. The users’ intention is divided into 3 types like informational, navigation, and transactional. The site rating directly depends on whether the user’s intentions are taken into account.

Custom Expectations (UX Design)

UX-design determines how much the user will be satisfied with the software product or service. This process involves improving functionality, and usability of the site. UX-design is the creation of software products with thoughtful and relevant user experience. The area of UX design covers a lot of subsections that are worth considering.

Content Uniqueness & Performance

Content is an important component of any website. The content of the site should be presented to the visitor in such a way that it is interesting and convenient for perception. When creating a site, you need to pay great attention to how the text will be placed on the page, how it will contrast with the background of the pages, what font and size will be most convenient for perception. All these things need to be thought out in advance. UX design should present the material in such a way that it is interesting and easy to read. Every letter is important here, the title should be catchy, and the text interesting.

Importance of Internal Linking

A well-designed internal linking strategy brings results for SEO and UX. Internal linking organizes content based on categories that are different from normal navigation. It helps search bots highlight the most relevant pages. The main page of the site is the most authoritative. Make it link to other pages of the site because it is useful for SEO. CTA texts should be clearly visible, understandable and informative. Place links meaningfully and organically. Do not use natural anchors (click here, read more, etc.). They can be regarded by bots as spam. Key pages should be visible. Take advantage of blocks, footers, menus and breadcrumbs for this.

Responsive Website Design

Today, smart phones are the most popular device for searching the Internet and browsing sites. Therefore, the optimization of sites for mobile devices is one of the important factors for promoting a web resource in search engines.

In 2018, Google made the transition to Mobile-First indexing technology, which marked a priority in indexing pages on the mobile version of the site. This once again proves the importance of mobile optimization. If the work on creating the site has just begun, SEO specialists recommend that you should take care of the mobile version of the site or adaptive design in advance.

Site Loading Speed

Another important factor in the age of mobility is page loading speed. It is important to remember that users can be impatient, they may have a low Internet connection speed, and therefore it is important to ensure that the page code is not overloaded with blocking scripts, and the images have the correct format.

Site Structure

One of the most important processes in creating a site is the development of the site structure. it should be simple, logical and understandable to the user. At the beginning of SEO, you have to refine the site structure, and sometimes create a completely new one. Therefore, when creating a site, it is important to think carefully about the structure of the site. In addition, make sure that in case of its further change, this does not lead to the need to redesign the site.

SEO-friendly Website Development

An SEO-friendly site is a web resource whose pages are available for crawling by a search robot and including them in search engine index databases. Correct indexing is the first step to ensuring the visibility of your site on search engine pages. To create an SEO-friendly site, you need to carefully plan and structure information about the company and the services or products provided.


SEO and design are closely related. In this article, we have listed the main points that are important to consider when creating a site for its subsequent promotion in search engines. The SEO Company will help you to build the SEO-friendly website. High-quality development of the site at the initial stages will help to avoid common mistakes and significantly save the budget for website promotion.

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