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Who doesn’t love to get a great deal on your shopping? Of course all do. Therefore, it is worth to shop around for getting the best possible rate for web hosting.

But, it’s not so easy to get the cheapest web hosting plans with unlimited resources. It is commonly observed that the web hosting providers post an advertisement with low introductory rates. But for the lowest possible monthly rate, you’ll have to pay up-front and in-full for at least a year.

Generally, if you have longer contract terms and pay high upfront cost, your monthly rates will be cheaper. Also note that your rates could double or even triple while the renewal of your plan. You will get the best price only for your first contract.

So don’t just consider the advertised rates at face value. Initially, you might it affordable web hosting but later could end up costing you much more than you expected.
Note that the word “cheap” doesn’t have the same meaning every time. It might happen that one of your friends recommends a hosting plan that’s cheap to him, but not affordable to you.

Moreover, the cheapest option won’t always be the best option. Some hosts have low rates but offer terrible service. If you go for such services, it will end up costing you more money in the long-term.
That’s what inspired me to write this guide.

By considering all these factors, I have identified the most affordable web hosting plan that is worth using at the start. In this guide we are going to check the unlimited web hosting plans, which will always be the most cost-effective way to host your website, despite of the provider you choose.

What Should You Check for in a Professional Web Hosting Provider?

Below are a few things you should for:

1. Truly Unlimited Plans: You will find some hosting providers advertise about free space, storage, or bandwidth, but still restrict it at a certain level. So, make sure you carefully read their terms and find out, whether the unlimited plans they offer are truly unlimited.

2. Expert Support Staff: It is possible that after hosting your website, you may face some technical problems. Therefore, your hosting provider should provide you excellent support. Also, their experts should be able to quickly fix any hosting problems you may have.

3. High Quality Training: Your hosting plan should comprise of high quality resources for making it easy for you to manage your hosted site. The reason is that you shouldn’t have to depend on their support staff for all your problems.

4. Additional Services: Is your website backup taken regularly by your hosting provider? Ensure that they backup your data, fix your bugs and update your server-side software regularly. This will help you save a lot of time on website maintenance.

5. Reliability: It is important to keep your website live on the internet every time a visitor accesses it. If it crashes or goes down unnecessarily, your website traffic is going get affected badly. Take a note that your web hosting provider takes security measures against hackers and keeps your website safe on their servers. One important point is that they should help you with any problems you have by giving you appropriate solutions and excellent customer support.

MilesWeb Introduction

Being in the web hosting competition since 2012, MilesWeb has always looked forward to help all the businesses to establish the online presence. They have created different types of web hosting plans for different businesses. So, may your business be a startup or a large scale organization, MilesWeb always has a solution for you. They also help you start your own web hosting business with their UK reseller hosting plans.

They have been enhancing their services by using the latest technology and updated versions of the software on their servers. Their team of experts is always available online to help resolve the technical queries related to your website. Moreover, if you aren’t happy with their service, you get your money back if requested within 30 days of the service purchase. To maintain 99.95% uptime is their first priority.

Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

Unlimited Web Hosting Features

Get a Free Domain: You get a free domain with unlimited hosting plans – Swift and Turbo. You can either register a new domain or transfer your old domain to MilesWeb at free of cost.

Migrate Your Website for Free: You can migrate your website from your existing web host to MilesWeb at any time without paying extra. Their experts will migrate your website safely on their servers.

Get Free SSL Installed: Every online shopper is concerned about security. So, MilesWeb installs SSL certificate on your website for free and this helps builds trust for your visitors online.

Build Your Own Website: You get a free website builder tool to build your own website. Just drag and drop the content and images, and click on publish. You website will be created in few minutes.

Store Your Data on SSDs: You get SSD drives with their unlimited web hosting plan. SSDs help to improve your website performance up to 200% as compared to HDDs.

Secure Email Accounts: Emails are easily accessible from anywhere and at any time with webmail. They offer secured POP3/IMAP support for emails. You can access emails via three webmail clients: RoundCube, Horde and SquirrelMail.

cPanel Control Panel: Website management is made easy with the cPanel control panel. You can perform tasks such as creating FTP accounts, email accounts, databases, etc. in a quick and easy manner.

1-Click Installer: You can install as many applications you want with the 1-click app installer, Softaculous. They allow you to install over 400 web applications just in few minutes.

Instant Account Setup: There is no long process of account setup. They setup your account immediately after your payment is confirmed and you get a welcome email containing your login details of cPanel.

Latest PHP & MySQL: They offer you everything required for your website. Their web servers are kept ready with the latest and most stable versions of PHP and MySQL.

Select Your Server Location: They allow you to select the server location as per your target audience. The server locations offered by them are UK, USA, India, Singapore, Australia and Canada.

Malware Scan and Removal: Your website stays secure from the online threats. The malware scan and removal tool scans your website and removes the malware and virus, if found any.

Bottom Line

Coming to the end, you now know how to select a professional web host for your website. Also, the recommended web host, MilesWeb offers you all the features required for hosting your website. Hence, you shouldn’t have a second thought about MilesWeb. Just sign up for their unlimited web hosting service and grow your business online.

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