How to Ensure the Satisfaction of End User with a Great UX?

A good user experience makes use of any website or applications comfortable for the end users. There are high chances for the platform that provides better user experience, to be more usable by the users.

Till 2017, the UX was a big thing to deal with and will continue to be an effective part in 2018 too. Providing a great design that also has a smooth functioning is what needed to provide a better visual as well as user experience. As changes are always there with passing time, the platform you are using should also be updated with the time.

As we are in 2018 now, the older tricks that we are using must be replaced but not to change everything if we are getting good results with the older one and is loved by the users.

Become screenless with AR

AR(augment reality) can be defined as the use of the real-time environment in the device. Already AR has been adopted by many companies and it is loved by the users.
There are also third-party tools available that you can use to make AR for your own UX functionality. UI design firms must be included while making the decision that on which pages or screens the AR must be applied according to the need. The tool ARKit by Apple, HoloLens by Microsoft and a lot of others are freely available as an open source in the market to implement AR.

Make designs by main focus at younger generation

The younger generation depends on internet and technology, especially on smartphones so much in today’s time. As they use it every day and every time they can get bored easily by using the same features and functionality every day so they would definitely love to have new features on their devices.

• Stop providing the long guidelines
The younger generation has been using the smartphones for many years. I don’t think they need to read the longer guidelines to access even a new feature. The long usability tips can annoy them. Most of them just ignore them and start using the platform on their own. So there is no need to make something that can frustrate the users of your platform.

• Make a contact with them
Being the younger generation, they may have the fresh ideas that may help in enhancing your services and let you know how you can provide them the features that they are looking for. By asking them for reviews, or asking them a question and making them a part of the surveys, you can get new and creative ideas to make yourself better.

Microinteractions can improve the UX

Micro interactions are basically the way the user interface behaves when there is any change in the interface of the application. Like in a login page, changing of the color of the page when there is wrong login or change of color of the button when clicked. These behaviours of the pages are helpful in the getting the information by the service providers easy.

In 2018, they are essential to be a great part to make a living user interface and hence providing better user experience too.

Voice activation is the biggest thing:
Voice searches are being more and more used with the rise in the usage of the internet. It’s an easy approach that is used and loved by the users.
About 20% searches were made in 2016 as per Google. And there are about one billion voice searches per month, as per a search made in January 2018 and the amount is going to raise more. It is assumed that by 2020 the voice searches are going to be the 50%.

This all makes it mandatory to focus on the voice searches. Try to eliminate the process of typing by providing the voice activation as well in your software.

Personalization with accurate features:
Personalization of any website refers to targeting the individual visitors by having their identity and sending them emails or messages about your services by analyzing the needs and desires of the customers. You can focus on these things while personalising the website:

• There must be chat options with the application so that they can make an easy interaction with the other users.
• Sending of push notifications must be optimized according to the global timing to ensure sending them on the time when the user is active.
• Including the name of the customers while offering a discount or any offer make them feel special.
• Your repeating customers are more crucial for you and you must take care of them by offering them special offers or discounts.

Use of Cinegraphs is loved by the users

Cinemagraphs were trendy in 2017 and were loved by the users. In 2018, their popularity is not going to minimize but will be loved more.
Cinemagraphs are the photographs that are not static and have movement in them which makes them like short videos.
Cinegraphs will you in engaging the users more to the website.


As a platform having good user experience has more usability, your business will only enhance if you are providing comfortably usable software to your customers using your services. In 2018, these top tips will definitely help you in providing better user experience as well as in getting more engagement of the users to your business.

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