Effective Tools for Testing Responsive Websites

While designing and developing a website, the dilemma which affects designers and developers concerning design is: Responsiveness. Responsive web design affects the art of serving the same web pages onto multiple devices which appear the same. This approach has become not only popular amongst designers and developers but moreover: mandatory. However, there are questions where responsiveness is concerned such as: the increasing number of screen sizes and the difficulty in setting breakpoints. Despite these Web standard requisites seeming minor to the average lay-user, creating a responsive website is getting to be an endeavor in which many try but few succeed.

A problem which constantly plagues most web designers concerns the testing of a particular web design on nearly every major browser and device. The process can end up being quite burdensome, since they are required to produce a website for various browsers ( or Screen resolutions ) as well as every hand-held device available. This has placed the burden of responsibility upon both developers and conscientious designers. In lieu of all these setbacks regarding the Responsive aspect of design, there are various tools which one can use in these situations by which to assist them within expediting their workload much quicker and with less effort.

In this article you will find 15 tools by which to test the Responsiveness of your web design and choose the one which you consider to serve you workflow. We hope this list serves to be handy and useful.
Enjoy !

1. Responsinator

The Responsinator helps website makers quickly get an indication of how their responsive site will look on the most popular devices.

2. Fontier

Fontier is a quickest way to change the default font size in Chrome. Great for testing Responsive websites using em and percentage units.

3. Am I Responsive

Am I Responsive takes a lot of screen shots of the various device breakpoints for responsive design.

4. Aptus

Aptus is a dedicated browser that lets you preview, edit and screenshot your responsive site at any size from mobile through to large desktop.

5. Responsive Design View

The Responsive Design View makes it easy to see how your designs will look on different sized screens. Responsive designs adapt to different screen sizes to provide a presentation that is suitable for different kinds of devices, such as mobile phones or tablets.

6. Responsive.is

Responsive.is lets users quickly style type in the browser and check for readability, rendering and beauty of your work.

7. ViewPort Resizer

Viewport Resizer
Viewport resizer is a browser-based tool to test any website’s responsiveness. It is the The smartest way to share your defined environment of devices and breakpoints directly with your team and client.

8. Juice’r : Responsive Web Design Checker

Juice’r is an effective tool that shows how well your website displays on a mobile platform.

9. Responsive Roulette


10. Ish

ish. Is yet another viewport resize and helps keep everyone focused on making a design that looks and functions great at any resolution.

11. Responsive Design Bookmarklet

Responsive Design Bookmarklet
Its another handy tool that allows users to test their websites on mobile devices.

12. Matt Kersley : Responsive


13. Screenfly


14. Responsive Tools

responsive tools
Responsive Tools lets you see your site on different device resolutions.

15. Responsivepx

Responsivepx lets user to use the controls to adjust the width and height of their viewport to find exact breakpoint widths in pixels.

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