Effective steps to improve usability of Magento stores

Now that the internet and mobile are accessible by majority of population, online and mobile stores have become a must for the businesses to reach their existing customers and to increase their customer base. Businesses use every branding rule to increase the visibility of their online store so that more customers reach them. They use advertisements online and offline for increasing their brand awareness. Better discounts are offered and quicker delivery options are provided. Cash on delivery has become one of the trends in payment methods. All this is helpful in getting the customers to visit online stores. But customers have far more options available online which could give them same products. So the number of visitors to online stores is increasing but not all stores have high conversion rate. The major reason here is usability.

Every online store should be navigable, should have more user friendly features, should be relevant and should be easier to use. Usability is something which is entirely in control of the business and they should try to improve usability of their Magento stores regularly. This would result in better conversion rate.

Magento site usability improvement gives better results to businesses. It helps in lowering the cost of redevelopment, more retention, lowers the hit and miss, and improves the brand image. This ultimately results in increased conversion rate and sales
Every Magento development company or Magento store owner should follow few steps to improve usability of Magento store.

1. The navigation through a Magento store should be very easy and user friendly. This is one of the reasons a customer would make a purchase from your store or your competitors. Customer should know at the top or bottom of the page where exactly on the website he is. He should be easily able to navigate through various products and categories. A very complex but user friendly navigation helps the store to retain the customers. Here complex would mean that while navigating through several pages of the online store, customer could go from 3rd page he visited to 11th page he visited without revisiting the pages in between. The store should be designed in a way so that even a new customer could easily learn the navigation through the store without any hassle giving very visible links to checkouts, ratings, wishlist, history etc.

2. Better search engine of the Magento store. When a customer is looking to buy through a Magento store, he would search on the search bar for a product. The search suggestions should be continuously improved so that customer gets more suggestions while searching. The results should be more relevant which. Search results should also be categorized. The customer should also be given an option to refine the search results without loosing the original search. An option to remember search should also be there. There should be an option to add the product to cart or wish list without visiting the product page so that customer could have more options later to choose from. This would also save customers time. If the search result could give brief about every relevant product without visiting the product page, than this could be more time saving for the customers.

3. Proper categorization of the products should be done. They could be categorized on the basis of brand name, specifications, features, color, price, ratings, reviews, size, discount, availability, manufacturing date etc.

4. A user friendly filtering option could help the customer in making a purchase of the exact product that he is looking for.

5. Giving an option to remember pages or products visited by customers. This would remove the hassle of remembering and the customer would look for more products that the store is offering.

6. Suggesting products based on the products or pages visited.

7. Giving an option to make payment without registering.

8. A very easy way to register for an account. An account could remember history, wish list, cart and also could give suggestions.

9. Check-out page should be the lighter and should also be easier to understand as most people leave at this page due to inability to understand the payment way.

10. Using designs and layouts which are more appealing and effective. Use of designs which are different from the competitors is necessary so that when a customer is on the store, he could identify that this is the right store. The designs and layouts should go with the brand image of the store.

11. Better and more relevant content should be used. This could mean easy to understand language. More description of a product through in house writing team. Grammatical errors should be avoided. The photographs should be regularly updated and even video description could be added to every product. The content should go with the over all brand of the company as well the products.

12. Making stores accessible through different platforms like computers and mobiles. So making stores which are accessible with the same ease on both the platforms.

13. Researching through qualitative and quantitative methods to understand what works for a Magento store as per the target audience. Understanding user behavior as well as liking and disliking through carefully monitoring user’s navigation. This could also be done by various audit softwares available in the market. These softwares give deeper insights on user engagement with a Magento store.

14. Regular improvement according to the market trends. Sometimes, competitor could add a feature to their Magento store which was not known earlier.

15. The store should be a platform for two way communication so that the customers could as give reviews about the store and products. Sometimes, their engagement and experience reviewed could lead to betterment of a Magento store. Taking regular feedback from the users to improve the stores usability. And giving more customization options to the customers as per individuals.

16. Lighter pages which take lesser time to load. Though faster internet has resolved this issue.
Following the steps suggested to improve usability of a Magento store would result in higher customer retention and higher conversion rate. This would mean more profits.

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