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Duda is a website builder that beautifully encapsulates the two most desired traits in web designed: efficiency and flexibility.

The platform’s ability create sites that drive customer engagement with big SEO benefits, while keeping build time to a minimum, is powered by their import content functionality, the option to design by device and numerous other unique features.

Duda Partners

Founded in 2009, the company focuses on encouraging customer conversion for SMBs. Web professionals (via a partner program) and SMBs are provided with access to a fully responsive website builder (DudaOne), as well as a mobile-only solution for those not looking to do a full site redesign (DudaMobile).  Whether you’re trying to build one site or a thousand, Duda easily enables you in building the perfect website.


One of the big, in-your-face differences is Duda’s unique ability to automatically import content. This significantly reduces development time and increases efficiency. Using a unique algorithm, Duda is able to pull the content from an existing website, reorganize it, and place it into a beautiful template with one click.


duda mobile editor

From there, the platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes customizing the site easy for even the most basic user but isn’t restrictive in any means. Built on the Foundation responsive framework, Duda does the heavy lifting while still providing full access to the CSS3 and HTML5 for further customization.


Another powerful aspect which sets this website builder apart is the ability to customize by device. Users can edit content for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices individually which adds a significant amount of creative flexibility, while maintaining one URL. This means businesses can drive customer engagement by customizing each user’s experience specifically for the device they’re using. The better and more catered the experience, the more likely a site visitor will turn into a real-world customer.


Duda build by device


In addition, Duda Partners are provided with an extensive array of white labeled tools including: a full version of the Duda editor; client dashboard and login page; site preview screens and more. All the URLs for these various tools are under the partner’s domain name, and the display of each one is customizable (to match the partner’s color scheme, logo, etc.).


Duda sites are built for performance with business-driving widgets, modern templates and numerous platform integrations including: PayPal, OpenTable, Facebook, Yelp, vCita, Constant Contact and more.  Duda also includes fantastic features like a Site Map, Robots.txt. and Vary: User-agent, that greatly improve a business’ SEO.

For example, instead of leaving it to a search engine algorithm, Duda’s Site Map automatically tells search engines what pages are on a website. This is incredibly helpful in getting a site higher in the rankings. Responsive Web Design is also one of the Google’s SEO best practices because it means only one URL needs to be searched for rather than separate mobile and desktop URLs.

duda partners


Duda has over 5 million sites on their platform. Through features like Click-to-Call, Maps, coupons and reservations widget, Duda proves to their customers that they can help them convert site visitors into customers. Last month alone, the company generated over 1,000,000 calls to business via the Click-to-Call widget, over 400,000 people clicked on the Mobile Maps for for directions step-by-step directions, and over 170,000 clicked on the OpenTable reservation widget. Duda is constantly introducing new innovations and features that make it fever aster and easier to create business websites.


As far as pricing, DudaOne has one free plan and two paid plans. The free plan includes Duda branding. The tier one plan (Business) allows you to connect to your own domain name and the top tier plan (Business+) removes any Duda branding and allows you to edit by device. The Business plan comes in at  $7.50/month (annual subscription) or $9/month-to-month. Business+ weighs in at a reasonable $14.25/month (annual subscription) or $19/month-to-month.

For DudaMobile, the free plan offers basic features, ads, DudaMobile Domain, and Community support only. However for only $7.20/month (annual subscription) or $9.00/month-to-month, users can have access to unlimited mobile pages and tech support, ad-free mobile website. and your own custom domain.

Finally, for Duda Partners, the company offers wholesale pricing for both DudaOne and DudaMobile. Within the partner program, DudaOne sites are defaulted to the top tier and cost $13/month-to-month or $117 annually. DudaMobile sites are priced at $6/month-to-month or $60 annually. Duda offers additional discounts for partners with a high volume of sites.
When it comes to support, the company prides itself on having comprehensive phone and email support for partners. Phone support is available Monday-Friday, 6AM-6PM PT. For direct customers, Duda provides email support as well as a self-help center found on its website.

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