Digital Design: Has it Really Outranked Graphic Design?

If you haven’t been deeply involved in the creative agency in London circuit in the past few years, the term digital designer may be relatively new to you.

However, even if you haven’t heard of it before or don’t know much about it, digital design is set to become the dominant trend in the creative world as the industry continues its shift towards a digital-dominated marketplace.

Today’s world of design requires a skillset that’s entirely different from the one that was needed just a decade ago, and the graphic designers that failed to adapt to this changing landscape are already seeing their job opportunities shrink.

But How Exactly is Digital Design Different from Graphic Design?

Well, the name itself provides a good insight into what the main differences between digital design and graphic design are.
Graphic design has been around for a long time, and the term encompasses a wide range of design skills that range from creating print design materials such as brochures and leaflets to typography, logo design, advertising, and even some web design.

But for digital design, the focus shifts entirely to the digital world – a good digital designer not only knows how to handle the above mentioned tasks, but also has in-depth knowledge about the ins and outs of web design, including a deep understanding of user experience and user interface development, which are critical skills to have when designing modern websites.

Another area where digital designers set themselves apart is their solid grasp on the design of marketing materials – they’re able to take the raw ideas of a marketing campaign and turn them into high-converting landing pages, emails, and many other types of online marketing materials.

This versatility is what makes digital designers so sought after by design exhibitions in London– modern marketing requires expertise in both online and offline design that goes beyond the creative process itself and also combines knowledge about marketing and consumer habits, which getting the most out of every campaign.

Digital Design is the Future of Graphic Design

Digital design is the future of marketing because it encompasses a much broader range of skills and expertise that’s required.
It’s no longer enough to focus on software knowledge and design skills– today’s designers are an integral part of developing UX that provides a seamless experience to the user, as well as the process of developing marketing campaigns and putting together visual elements that allow to increase conversions and accomplish other vital goals.

That’s why, if you want to maximize your chances of your online efforts being a success, you should strongly consider expanding your list of requirements to attract a digital designer who won’t just provide you with creative solutions but will also know how to work with your marketing team to guarantee the best results.

Or, you can simply hire a web design agency in London that will not only have digital designers that are up to the task but will have an entire team on hand to take over your entire project.

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