Designer Fonts Mostly Preferred By Graphic Designers

Typography forms a crucial part of the graphic designing area. Choosing the selected tool and consistent use of it always forms an important space, just like choosing the right image for the site. It is as important as opting for the right graphics and colors, in order to solidify and create a brand name. By selecting the apt font style and size, you can fit any specific style. You can even evoke a special emotion, which is otherwise crucial for any business stretch. Typography can help in capturing the audiences if property used. It can also help in communicating with the company and mostly with some graphic designers.

Following some latest options

Whenever the main area relates with the best fonts for graphic designers, Trajan forms the basic choice. This font dates back to the late 1908s and was designed by Adobe segment. This type is the most appropriate one for the display works associated with magazines, posters, books and even billboards. Apart from Trajan, Helvetica is another prominent option, used by majority number of graphic designers. This font is characterized by professional, timeless and distinctive designs as created in 1957. It was able to maintain the popularity rate till now. This font was built after taking inspiration from the grotesque theme.

Other options on the cards

Apart from Trajan and Helvetica, Future also proves to be a common example, used for large displays, logos, corporate typeface and books. This font relates with certain geometrical shapes, such as, circles, squares and triangles. This can help in creating an appearance, which is somewhat unique yet professional. It is also a popular font for some of the leading brands, on a global platform. Other than that, the Adobe version of the Garamond font proved to be a fascinating option from 1989, till now. The best part is that this font can help in conveying a feeling of fluidity and consistency. It takes little ink when compared with other fonts like Times New Roman.

Easy options on the go

Arial is a type of San Serif option and comprises of various styles like bold, italic, medium and regular. It is readable in nature, due to its big and small sizes. This version is appropriate for the office communication, book design and advertising options. Other than that, this font is well applicable under different logo designs and other informative segments, like booklets, instruction manuals and educational aids. It does not matter if you want to make the font bold or italic, the final result must match up with the font chosen.

Bodoni is another option

For creating the best logos and decorative headlines, Bodoni forms the right choice for graphic designers. It is used for creating decorative texts, used under various segments. This logo was designed in 1798, and it is also known as transitional typeface. The main aim of this font is to design special logos, for some of the powerful fashion forwards zones. This font characterizes with the flat cover along with narrow structure and un-bracketed serifs. The narrow structure mostly remains underlined, for offering a strong effect.

Opt for the Frutiger option

Apart from the designs mentioned, Frutiger is another top notch option for graphic designers. This font is mostly designed for its attractive typeface and the warmth related with it. For creating the best write-ups for informative articles, this font style proves to be the best. It is the best example for magazines and booklets and is widely used on a popular note. Apart from that, some of the other leading fonts used by graphic designers are Franklin Gothic, FF DIN, Bembo and Gills Sans. You are likely to choose the font after selecting the base of the product or service.

Author Bio: Mathew Fraud is a reliable name, when it comes to graphic designing field. In this article, he is portraying the different fonts, mostly preferred by reliable graphic designers.

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