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A designer always looks for inspiration to add creativity in their work. But not being aware of the right tools available, the task becomes even more difficult. It sometimes becomes very hard to create and deliver something out-of-the-box much quicker and very well crafted. This is the hardest challenge that most designers face. The following are tools, that will not only save you time but they will also help you to create some creative designs.


1. Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler
To create inspiring color themes Adobe Kuler is quick! With Adobe Kuler, you can search, browse and create themes as many as you want and can add them in your applications. It is easy to use, fast and lets you experiment by choosing any colorful theme from their exciting range that are customizable as per your application nature.

2. Pictaculous

Pictaculous is a Color Palette Generator and has made color scheming hassle free. All you need to do is to upload an image on Pictaculous. Pictaculous analyzes the colors in the uploaded image and creates a custom color theme itself. Pictaculous Mobile Version is also as easy as the Web. Send the captured image to the Pictaculous team and they will generate the custom color theme for your image.

3. Dribbble

Dribbble shares your work on its online community of graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo and web designers. This really helps in getting feedback from industry experts by showing them your illustrations in the form of screenshots. Their responses and advices are very helpful and results in the betterment of your existing projects. On Dribbble, you can explore many creative designs of brilliant designers to get an inspiration from.


4. Squirrel Font

Squirrel Font
Squirrel font is the best free resource available. The font samples give you the idea of what the font will look like in different cases.

5. Lost Type

Lost Type
Lost Font is one-of-its-kind. Not because it distribute various fonts from the designers all over the world but its Pay-What-You-Want feature makes it stand alone. You can even type 0$ to get a free font.

6. Type Cast

Type Cast
Type Cast can push your designs to next level. It quickly shows the type face in web browser so you can check the readability of the selected type case. There are nearly about 23000 fonts available. You can have them for as low as 29$ per month. Give it a shot as its slogan says “Awesome people use Type Cast”


7. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a powerful front end designing tool for PC, Tablet and Smartphone. It is compatible with all browsers, fulfilling new web trends using responsive CSS to create inspiring layouts.

8. 1140 CSS Grid

1140 CSS Grid
CSS Grid is adaptive as it fix to browser of any screen size whether it is your regular PC monitor or a mobile device. The grid is fluid and so much adaptive that it settles easily according to the width of the browser.

9. Foundation by Zurb

Foundation by Zurb
Foundation claims to be the most advanced and responsive front-end framework. It is very quick in creating prototypes and production code for sites. It is very flexible and easy to use.

Image Editing

10. GtGrafix

GtGraphix is a simple tool to edit images. Its intuitive interface makes image editing experience appealing and so much enjoyable. Its editing tools are on a single click. You can zoom, rotate, remove red eye, crop images in just one click. It lets you to Undo any wrong edit and takes you back to the previous stage. Its a small tool power packed with all essential image editing tool.

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