Collection of 30 Free Fonts for Designers

Being a web designer or graphic designer, you understand the importance of typography in the websites and blogs.
To help our professional web designers, front-end developers, and website owners across the world, we bring you this post which includes a collection of best 30 free fonts that will help you ‘write’ beautifully in your sites, e-magazines, and blogs.

We divided the typefaces/fonts into four categories so that you can find your type of font easily and efficiently.

Sans-Serif Typefaces

10 most fascinating Sans-Serif web fonts:

1. Tracks Type

Tracks Type
Designed by Gumpita Rahayu
Tracks type is Sans-Serif type face which includes all caps fonts and alphabets. This font is galvanized with the railway tracks, and it is very simple, static, clean, and dynamic.

It was designed especially for display type such as poster, headlines, titles and much more. Plus, Tracks type comes with two different styles, i.e, Medium and Standard. It’s pretty good for capturing attention without being chaotic.

2. Bosun Free Font

Bosun Free Font
Designed by Kid Grandios
Bosun is an amazing font that will allow web designer to embed a visually appealing typography into a website. It is a modern interpretation of sans-serif typography that offers over 258 glyphs and is available in five unique styles.

This font is suitable for all types of graphic design. And the best part of this free typeface is that it works great for both personal and commercial purposes.

3. Hallo Sans

Hallo Sans
Designed by Fredrik Staurland
Hallo Sans is another free sans-serif typeface, which has gained popularity among the graphic designers and web designers across the web. It comes with three weights including Regular, Black and Light.
Fun Fact: This font type is perfect for logo design.

4. Langdon

The XLN Telecom and Steven Bonner worked in a partnership to design a typeface that can offer a solid, serious, and dependable typography to the end users.
This font type is perfect for headlines and branding. It will also look amazing in a retro website, poster, flyer, etc.

Tip: If you want to use Langdon, use it as a header.

5. Campton


It includes nine weights with matching italics. On the top of it, Campton is packed with a bundle of opentype features such as alternative glyphs, case sensitive shapes, fractions, arrows, ligatures, and much more.

6. Farray

Designed by Adrien Coquet
Farray is a beautiful sans-serif font that you can download for free.
It offers a unique, clean and bold design that fits perfectly on large displays such as posters. Additionally, Farray is free for both personal and commercial use.

7. Rleud

Pronounced as “Loyd”
Designed by Stawix Ruecha
Rleud is an unconventional Sans-serif typeface designed to provide captivating text design to the web designers. It comes with four widths including Normal, Condensed, Narrow, and extended. It offers ten weights along with small caps set and their italics.
You can use this modern, beautiful, and visually-pleasing font into your next project for free. It offers four unique weights demo that is absolutely free.

8. Canaro

Designed by Rene Bieder
Canaro is reckoned as an exploration of geometrical type-designs of the early of 20th century.
This typeface was designed to offer various typographic features such as lettershapes, old-style numbers, arrows, special characters, fractions, ligatures and much more. Plus, it comes with nine weights, along with matching italics.

9. Economica

Designed by Vicente Lamonaca
A free yet modern font specifically designed for printing in complicated situations. You can use this font to design very small text sizes without losing its legibility. It includes ink traps that ensure unruffled operation even on low quality papers.

10. Gearus

Designed by Petros Vasiadis
Gearus free font family has been crafted for the third re-design version of NEu Tymes, a free e-magazine.
You can download this beautiful and versatile font family for free and use it in your next project.

Serif Typefaces

Let’s explore the collection of ten most stunning Serif typefaces:

11. Modum

A modern serif typeface inspired by the traditional serif forms to design an accurate and fully-functional text face with a low contrast.
It offers a simple, clean and elegant design that will look amazing on complicated hierarchical projects such as newspapers, text-based books, editorials and more.
It comes with more than 800 characters along with an alternative lowercase, true small caps with accents, seven variations of numerals, manually edited kerning and various Opentype features.

12. Akura Popo Free Font

Akura Popo Free Font
Another eye-catching and classic serif font offering robust, bold and tough looking style; this font style is perfect for those who want to create a sports based theme design, logo, headline, letterhead or more. It is available in both OTF and TTF formats.
Note: You can use it for both personal and professional projects.

13. Hagin Serif

Hagin Serif
Hagin is an amazing serif font from Fontfabric. It is developed with robust geometric forms in traditional style.
This typeface is suitable for any of graphic design – be it a print, web and motion graphic. You can use it for other things as well such as logo design, posters and t-shirt design.

14. Fenix

Fenix is a clean and modern serif typeface crafted especially to display long texts. It looks amazing and stays legible at large sizes, and somehow refrains from exhausting the readers in small sizes too.

15. Aleo Free Font

Aleo Free Font

It is an advanced typeface inspired from the Lato font. It includes semi-rounded details and a thin structure that gives it a chic look while keeping the font readable and legible.
It comes in six styles and three weights: including light, regular and bold along with matching italics.

16. Margot

Designed by Adriá Gómez
Margot is an adorable serif typeface designed and developed especially for large sized typography. It is a beautiful font that comes with vibrant color combinations.
You can use this font to create posters, website headers, logos, and more.

17. Cinzel


It is a fantastic serif font influenced by the roman inscriptions used in the first century. It manages to reflect the history of Latin alphabet while simultaneously feeling clean and modern.
This typefont is commissioned by Google Fonts and available free of cost.

18. Korneuburg Slab

Korneuburg Slab

Korneuburg slab was developed as a semester project. It is typically based on Korneuburg Display that was inspired by the neoclassicist city Korneuburng, near Austria.
It is a simple, clean and beautiful font, much like the city itself, that you can use to create your website.

19. Born


Born is a decent and ‘humanistic’ typeface based on “old school” calligraphic forms. With this font, you can create beautiful and engaging posters, headlines, logos and other creative stuff.

20. Hapna Mono

Hapna Mono

Hapna Mono is a modern monospaced serif typeface which comes with geometric and rational characteristics. It includes both display and text weights. It offers various exciting features such as 241 characters with alternative Uppercase and opentype features.

Display typefaces

Here is the list of five most beautiful display and decorative typefaces:

21. Glamor


Designed by Hendrick Rolandez
Glamor is a stylish, voguish and contemporary free display typeface, which is crafted to provide you a professional set of fonts.
It comes with 24 fonts, from light to bold. It also offer more than 200 unique characters per font and all fonts are available in OTF and TTF formats.
One can use this font type both for personal and professional projects like online magazines, posters, photography based websites, branding and identity, TV spots, etc.

22. Lichtspiele


Designed by Stefan Huebsch
Lichtspiele is a wonderful typeface inspired from the early 20th century’s Cinemas where neon lights and marquee letters embellished cinema facades. It comes with five different styles and three of them have two versions of italics.
It is an interesting font type that will look and feel unique, to you and your visitors.

23. Look up

Look up

Another eye-catchy display typeface designed by a professional graphic designer with an aim to let others create playful and interesting typography. This font has little arrows right at the edge of each letter. One can easily access it through the keyboard’s lower and upper cases.

24. Great in 88

great in 88

Designed by Michael Jorden
If you a graphic/ web designer and want a creative, yet compelling typeface for your project, you should consider this font type. Great in 88 was inspired by the year 1988 (graphic designer of this typeface was born in that year). Can you say ‘nostalgia’?

25. Tesla Font

Tesla Font

Designed by Lexi Griffith
Tesla is a stunning free display typeface inspired by the Serbian engineer. This font type is inspired with the circuitry of lightbulb flament and wiring elaborately crossing path.
Due to its unique design, Tesla has become popular among the community of professional graphic designer and web designer. Essentially, it’s a metaphorical kick in the face for Edison who stole the idea from a persecuted, underrated genius (Don’t hate. I am a nerd.)

Script and Calligraphic Fonts

List of five fantastic Scrip and Calligraphic fonts for your next project:

26. Wolf in the City

wolf in the city

This is an incredible script font that can enhance the beauty of your project with ease.
This typeface is designed to make creative or photography based sites, logo design, or any other artistic stuff.
Note: Wolf in the City is only free for personal use.

27. Nautilus Pompilius

Nautilus Pompilius

It is a modern script that comes with soothing contrast to give you a unique typography.

28. Cylburn


Undoubtedly, Cylburn is one of the most elegant scripts on the web. It is a semi-connected script, structurally based on Roundhand. However, it is written with a well-pointed brush that makes it unique and attractive. Ancient calligraphist monks would be proud (or jealous).

29. Blenda


Blendia is a free and modern experimental font inspired with the Lobster font where you can see a bold vintage script.

30. Streetwear


Streetwear is a chic, stylish and bold typeface inspired by the retro era. This script font is suitable for poster, branding, packaging, logo design, websites and t-shirt design.
You can also access its alternative characters by making the use of OpenType savvy program such as InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

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