6 Bidding Tips that Will Skyrocket Your Google Ads Performance

Paid advertising plays an important part in the Professional SEO Services when it comes to driving more traffic to the website. It is wise to use a strong strategy to drive more people to the business by investing less in the ads. For that, you can combine the data and your experience of the past ad campaigns for the new ad campaigns. You can do logical reasoning and make the ad campaign more effective by investing less in it.

Google has introduced smart bidding which is automated. There are total 7 different strategies for Automated Bidding that you can select from. All the 7 are available on the search network, video, throw in shopping, app and display and other future campaign updates. The automated strategies are so good that they have become the default in all the products of Google.

The working of all the 7 automated bidding strategies of Google is as follows:

1. Enhanced CPC:

The bid adjustment is done automatically in the enhanced CPC depending on how well is the conversion. A similar version of this called the Manual CPC is also available when you check the ‘Enhanced CPC’ checkbox.

2. Maximize Conversions:
It automatically sets the bids to get higher conversions that too within the budget of your campaign but not taking into consideration the cost per conversion.

3. Target Cost Per Acquisition (tCPA):
It automatically sets the bids to get higher conversions within your CPA goal but there is no goal on the conversion volume.

4. Target ROAS (tROAS):

It helps you to set the bids to get maximum revenue within your target.

5. Target Search Page Location:
It targets your ad at the peak or on the very first page of the SERPs.

6. Target Outranking Share:

This bidding helps to automatically outbid the competitors so that maximum revenue can be generated by being at the top of all ads.

7. Maximize Clicks:
It helps to get the maximum clicks out of a certain budget automatically.

Don’t Repeat the Common Bidding mistakes

If you use the false strategy, the automation will be the quick way to waste all the money of your campaign and get nothing in profit. There are 6 important mistakes that you can avoid doing with your campaigns in the Professional SEO services. Be sure what you are doing and then take the right steps for automated bidding so that you can achieve the best with less investment.

Tip #1: Don’t Make Much Efforts When Trying to Drop Your Target CPA (tCPA)

The working pattern of Machine Learning algorithms is very simple as it studies and learns the stuff that is working and the one that is not working and accordingly it uses its learning to run the campaigns successfully.

For the past month, if you are getting $15 CPAs constantly and if you ask Google to push for a $5 target CPA then you will be in bad time.

Everyone wants to get the best of their campaigns and so will be you so you can check out the below given guide of what should one do.

Implement the Target CPA of $15 or anything that is suggested in the interface of the Google when the settings are being changed by you.
Once you see that the campaigns are performing the same manner you want them to be, then get the target lower by 5% around. Don’t lower it more than 10%. In the case here, you should keep it to $14.

Now, study the performance of the above taken step after next month or you can evaluate the campaign performance again. It is seen that the optimizations both perform in a good way and also in a bad way sometimes so it is wise to monitor the performance very closely.

Now, if your target CPA/ROAS optimization didn’t work then there are chances that you have done the crime given in the list. Might it be a big change to the campaign which has driven the campaign back to the phase of learning.

The key point is that don’t put efforts to get the work done in a hurry. Give time to Google to get with the goal and then slowly change it up/down from there.

Tip #2: You shouldn’t focus on the metric that is not the goal

It might happen that you are looking at the wrong metrics that are of no use to you, then better stop doing that. If you have no idea about how the automation bidding works then you will see the wrong metrics like the Average CPC, Impression share of each campaign and also the Average position of your ads. The key point is that you should only see the conversions and not anything else. Have the faith in the automated bidding strategies of Google!

Tip #3: Be Patient and Give it Time to Learn

Google will take its time to learn and understand how it can use your budget in the best manner so that you can get the best returns. After the learning phase of Google is over after 5-7 days it will take the actual testing phase and then the optimization phase. So, you have to be patient until then and leave it on its way and never do the mistake of quitting the campaign in between just because you lack patience.

Also, don’t reset the data otherwise Google will have to start learning everything from the beginning and it will take even more time to generate the revenue for you. This is one of the most important tip given in SEO Services USA and at other places as well.

Tip #4: Don’t Overlook High Conversion Delay at time of Analyzing Performance

It might happen that the automated campaign may not look as strong because some of the people who have clicked your ad haven’t purchased any item and so conversions are not made at this moment. These conversions will come later on for sure but currently, it may appear that you have fewer conversions, a higher CPA and also you will feel that the campaigns are not that profitable.

Tip #5: Consider Campaign Budget Headroom or Accelerating Budget

Don’t worry much and leave your campaigns on the standard delivery method and give time to each campaign so that the algorithms can understand your requirements and how to spend your budget in the learning phase and also learn how to implement it properly so that the maximum conversions can be made. The testing and optimization phase of the bidding strategies are very crucial so give them a bit of breathing space to actually test the campaign properly.

Tip #6: Avoid Continuously Making Major Changes to Campaigns

Making continuous changes to the campaigns will prolong the learning period of the Google algorithms to actually understand what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. Make accurate bid adjustment as you want it to happen and then sit back and relax till the time Google gets out of its learning phase and starts testing the conversions.

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