Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Help You Rank Better

Search engines are extremely important for websites in terms of organic traffic, visibility, exposure, leads, and customers.

As WordPress is known to be a great platform for search engine optimization or SEO, your website must inherit the best of both worlds. When a perfectly optimized WordPress theme is paired with WordPress SEO plug-ins, you can reap the real benefits of the digital world.

With tons of SEO plug-ins available, choosing the top plug-ins for WordPress might appear like a daunting process. According to Tayloright, these are some of the best WordPress SEO plug-ins that will dominate the online market in 2018.

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Yoast SEO

This plug-in boasts of more than 4 million downloads along with an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Garnering positive reviews all over the world, Yoast SEO is one the unrivalled WordPress plug-ins present in the market today. Not only does it enhance your website’s SEO, this plug-in provides an end-to-end support to every technical optimization on your site. An all-in-one SEO plug-in, Yoast SEO has a snippet preview that helps you in creating high-quality content and offers you to see how your post will appear in the search results.

The other comprehensive features of this WordPress plug-in are –
● Page Analysis – Allows you to check the post size, keywords and Meta description.
● XML Sitemap – This plug-in has the most advanced feature of XML sitemaps, it creates sitemaps and tells the major search engines about its presence.
● Meta and Link Components – Equipping this plug-in will help you to see the pages that will receive preference by Google and the pages that will not. Yoast SEO makes canonical links available everywhere.
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In recent years, Google has undergone repeated algorithmic upgrades including Google Penguin, Google Panda, and Fred. SEOPressor is a WordPress plug-in that is designed to comply with all these new Google updates. Some of the features of SEOPressor are –
● Checking Over Optimization – Some SEO professionals who often employ bad SEO practices to get instant results receive a penalty from Google. This plug-in allows monitoring this.
● Keyword Score – SEOPressor helps you to maintain and check your keyword usage.
● Automatic Smart Linking – With this plug-in, you can add keywords and links directly to improve the average time on site, poor bounce rate, and so on.
● Unique Crawler Control – This feature can allow you to get an authority over the navigation of search crawler on your site.
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SEO Ultimate

This plug-in offers both data flexibility and versatility in SEO and WordPress operations. The key features are –
● Code Inserter – SEO Ultimate helps you to integrate codes in the header and footer, as well as, before and after the content.
● Deeplink Juggernaut – This allows you to place keywords automatically and it will generate internal links on your website.
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Search Engine Optimization Cleaner

SEO Clean is not your average SEO plugin which helps in composing and improving your posts and pages. Rather, it adds to enhancing your general site’s execution by tidying up the markup.

Every one of these exercises prompts not all that SEO amicable source code. Yet, by utilizing this plugin you can dispose of short connections, RSS channel joins, emojis, hard coded styles and HTML remarks with only a couple of snaps. Moreover, its propelled settings enable you to evacuate unused meta labels, scripts, styles, HTTP headers.
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Premium SEO Pack

One of Premium SEO Pack’s Newest features is the possibility to add multiple focus keywords on your post in order to better optimize it!
When searching Google people usually use as keywords words that are slightly similar or synonyms. If you want to rank a post for multiple focus keywords, now you have this possibility using the Premium SEO Pack.
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These three WordPress plug-ins are the most used among the hundreds of plug-ins available on the web. Rank better with the aforementioned plug-ins and make your SEO campaign successful.

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