Latest WordPress Plugins To Jump Start Your Website

Plugins To Improve Your Website

Wordpress is the best CMS (content management system) for beginners and there are a plethora of WordPress plugins being created by developers almost every day for the WordPress platform which are useful and provide something new by which to enhance the Blogging experience.

What most people don’t realize about WordPress is just how much of it you can change – by implementing just a few simple plugins to your theme, you can basically create any kind of content-based website you’d like.

Which Plugins Are Good For Your Site

Many of these plugins serve to make a users site experience easier, by creating a better UI, offering image enhancement such as galleries, site security, seo , social media plugins and a wide range of other functions which can take your Plain Jane Blog site from being “hum-drum” and powering it to be a super-site laden with functions as one tends to find on professional websites.

Choosing Your Plugins Carefully

Plugins can extend your WordPress powered site to do almost anything you can imagine, and one can supercharge their site to do practically anything they wish to achieve. However, keep in mind that adding unnecessary plugins which do not serve a higher purpose, will not enhance your site – but rather slow it down and instead of enhancing the user experience, you will end up degrading it. Thus, one needs to install plugins which will serve their sites & end users purpose and user experience.

In this article we would like to outline some of the best plugins which will help you jump start your WordPress powered site and take it to another level. We hope you find the plugin which will enhance your Blog and your users end experience. Enjoy!

1. Rotating Lightbox Gallery

This is a highly customizable jQuery Slider plug-in. It enables you to set its width, height, pagination and other parameters.

2. WP Visual Pagination

WP VisualPagination is an advanced pagination theme framework built on top of the popularWP PageNavi plugin pre-loaded professionally designed pagination themes. WP VisualPagination allows you create or customize simple CSS pagination themes or complex image based pagination themes.

3. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

This trendy looking music player lets you add a single audio track or a full playlist to your WordPress site using shortcode. You can customise the colours of the player, and also display ratings, album cover art, and buy/download link if needed. This audio player is different from others on offer because it works on all major browsers, both PC and Mac, and on mobile devices including iPhone/iPad. Plus it looks really cool!

4. Easy Table

Easy Table is a WordPress plugin that allow you to insert table in easy way. Why it’s easy? Because you don’t need to write any complicated HTML syntax. Note that this plugin is not a graphical user interface table generator, so you can simply type your table data directly in your post while you writing. No need to switch to another window nor click any toolbar button.

5. Typecase Web Fonts

Typecase makes working with web fonts on WordPress a glorious experience. With over 500 fonts from Google Web Fonts, Typecase is a unique and easy-to-use typography plugin that allows you to quickly browse, find, and select fonts to apply to your website.

6. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a free enterprise class security plugin that includes a firewall, anti-virus scanning, malicious URL scanning and live traffic including crawlers. Wordfence is the only WordPress security plugin that can verify and repair your core, theme and plugin files, even if you don’t have backups.

7. jQuery Image Carousel for WordPress

A WordPress plugin implemented as a shortcode for creating a slideshow right from the posts screen.

8. Drop Shadow Boxes

rop Shadow Boxes provides an easy way to highlight important content on your posts, pages and widget areas. Personalise the box with drop shadow effects like raised, lifted and perspective and choose whether the box has an inside shadow, outside shadow and rounded corners. The plugin includes a widget and shortcode builder with a preview so you can test your box before adding it.

9. Auto Image Resizer Lite

The “Auto Image Resizer” is a state of the art WordPress Plugin which reduces your uploaded images to the maximal used image dimensions of your WordPress website. If the uploaders (author, member, whoever) browsers supports html5, gears, flash or silverlight the images will be resized directly on the client otherwise the server will do that. So the plugin works in every case regardless of the clients browser or OS.

10. Mini Twitter Feed

The plugin “mini Twitter feed” puts Twitter on your WordPress blog, you can add your tweets or the tweets from the folks you like, lists, queries. You can display up to 100 tweets within 7 days (limit set by Twitter’s Search API). It displays tweets from your feed or from the Twitter Search, from a list or from your favorite users. It is very flexible and modular.

11. HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist

Allows WordPress users to easily use HTML5 the element enable native audio playback within the browser. It supports all browsers i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera. HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist, Repeat, Random, Stream Seek, Volume Control, Timer, Next, Previous, Play-Pause option.

12. Clean Save

The best saving tool is now available on WordPress. Join top sites like MSNBC, CNN, Disney and Fox Sports and offer your users a simple saving experience that keeps them coming back to your site.

13. Google Maps Widget

Display a single-image super-fast loading Google map in a widget. A larger map with all the usual features is available on click in a lightbox.

14. jsDelivr : WordPress CDN Plugin

The official plugin of, a free public CDN. An easy way to integrate the service and speed up your website using our super fast CDN.

15. SocialPublish

SocialPublish is an easy to use service that automatically shares your blog post on Facebook and Twitter at the moment you publish it. While other plugins rely on RSS feeds and usually have 30 minute delays, SocialPublish immediately shares your blog post. Because SocialPublish is a service, you can easily set up an account and connect your social media accounts. You don’t have to do the hard process of registering Facebook and Twitter applications.

16. SEO Internal Links

SEO Internal Links plugin provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more configurable options. SEO Internal Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. In case the plugin finds more of once the same word in a post, it will only change the first one. This is to avoid black seo and inconveniences to the users.

17. Duda Mobile Website Builder

The DudaMobile WordPress plugin makes it easy to convert your WordPress website into a mobile-friendly site. It’s fast, free and easy. Works with all WordPress themes including websites and blogs.

18. WordPress Backuper

This wordpress backup plugin (aka Backuper) allows you to backup your entire web hosting account using cPanel and the built-in backup feature. Some users will not be able to use this plugin (if your not using cPanel), we are very sorry about that but we have not been able to find a stable method to backup websites without cPanel.

19. Simply Instagram

The Simply Instagram plugin displays your Instagram photos in three Endpoints that Instagram offers.

20. WP Interest

Add Pinterest assets like Pin-it button, Follow button and Pinboard to your WordPress site without hassle.

21. Maintenance

Take your site down from public view with a click of a button hiding the site when you need to change a few things or run an upgrade, making it only accessible by login and password. There is also an area to add a custom message which will be shown to the users while your site is down. Users stay on the same page when they input wrong initials.

22. Pinterest Lightbox

With over 5 million downloads the NextGEN Gallery plugin is obviously widely used. The Pinterest Lightbox plugin enables a PinIt Button on each image automatically through your NextGEN Gallery. It automatically uses the caption, image URL, and page URL from NextGEN to sync with the Pinterest API. This plugin is very useful for photo-intensive websites.

23. BotBlocker

Kills spam-bots, leaves humans standing. No CAPTCHAS, no math questions, no passwords, just spam blocking that stops spam-bots dead in their tracks.

24. StatComm (StatPress Community

StatComm (shortened from Stat/press Community) provides Realtime Statistics on your blog, collecting information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, OS and more. Once the plugin has been activated, it will immediately starts collecting information. StatComm provides many views to analyze the incoming users on your blog, and also spy tools to find out their procedence. For users of other StatPress plugins variations, it provides a well known feature set and

25. Multiple Sidebars

A wonderful plugin to easily create many sidebars. These sidebars can then select in the creation of a post / page / custom post type / category / taxonomy. We give an order, and select several at once. You will see all active sidebars instead of seeing just one.

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