Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins of 2021

Google Analytics gathers all insights related to a website and helps a website owner make better data-driven business decisions. Confused?
Are you aware of what’s happening on your website, which post is getting the maximum number of likes, or how many users visit your website every day?

Google Analytics is the most popular way to track your website traffic and various website-related activities. Did you know 85.1% of the websites these days use Google Analytics to gather in-depth information about website traffic and more?

If you are an owner of a WordPress site, integrating Google Analytics through plugins will allow you to get thorough insights without leaving the administrative dashboard. In that case, which Google Analytics plugins would give you the best results?

Here is a list of top WordPress Google Analytics plugins for you to choose from. These plugins will help you get direct access to the statistics to provide improved user experience and boost leads, sales, and so on.

1. MonsterInsights

wordpress google analytics plugin
Over 2 million professionals use MonsterInsights to track website activities. It allows users to directly view the statistics from the admin area and configure monitoring for WordPress Plugins, affiliate links, and advertisements.
MonsterInsights is a convenient way of turning data into a useful report for further action. As it comes with a built-in Google Analytics dashboard for WordPress sites, the plugin is easy to install and configure with no manual coding hassle.

Some features that come with the tool are:

• Access to website traffic details from the WordPress dashboard
• Demographic reports of the website visitors
• Tracking visitors activities and collecting data from any device
• Event tracking to ensure the effectiveness of a particular CTA
• Integrating Google Ads to gather campaign data on the dashboard
• Tracking form views, submissions, and conversions with Forms addon
• Download tracking feature to calculate the number of downloads
• Quick installation, time-saving, and works with most WordPress themes

Price: Free. $99.50/year for the premium version

2. GA Google Analytics

wordpress google analytics plugin
GA Google Analytics is another popular Google Analytics plugin that helps users to easily add the required Google Analytics tracking codes on all the website pages. Unlike MonsterInsights, it doesn’t display data on the dashboard but does an overall good job for users skilled at extracting data from Google.

This minimalist plugin is lightweight and allows users to customise tracking codes with a few advanced options. The plugin’s primary focus is to do one thing but in the best way possible. Furthermore, GA Google Analytics lets users add support for IP anonymisation, digital advertising, forcing SSL, and link attribution.

A few features of GA Google Analytics plugin:

• Allows users to add Google Analytics tracking code on the website
• Visitors are given the option to opt-out of sharing data.
• Quick configuration of multiple tracking codes for better tracking of links
• Disables tracking for users logged in the admin area

Price: Free. Premium version package starts from $15

3. ExactMetrics

wordpress google analytics plugin
ExactMetrics is another popular contender for the top WordPress Google Analytics plugin with over 1 million active installs. There’s no complicated download process – you can download the plugin in WordPress in a single click.

Although the plugin is well-designed and completely free, you cannot integrate it with other plugins such a Google Ads, Google Adsense, WebCommerce, etc. Nonetheless, it offers a couple of notable features which makes it a good deal for users looking for a free option.

Features of the ExactMetrics plugin:
• Easy tracking of visitors from the WordPress dashboard
• Gain access to details like outbound links, page views, referral data, bounce data, and more.
• Gather real-time stats from the WordPress dashboard
• Optimisation of pages with posts and page reports
• Track events, downloads, affiliate links, and form submissions

Price: Free. Premium version package starts from $99

4. Site Kit

wordpress google analytics plugin
If you are looking for the official Google WordPress plugin, Site Kit is what you need. Along with offering analytics functionality, the plugin also connects your site to five primary Google services –

• AdSense: Gives you details of how much your website is earning without leaving the WordPress admin area
• Analytics: Gain insight about your webpage traffic and other details
• Tag Manager: Allows you to set up Google tag manager on the website quickly
• PageSpeed Insights: Comparing how a site loads with other websites along with actionable tips
• Search Console: Helps you comprehend Google’s way of discovering and understanding your pages

With not many features to configure, Site Kit provides the latest information of the Google products and is also easy to access and comprehend.

Some of the added features include:
• Easy to understand statistics
• Hassle-free Google tools setup
• Accurate stats from various Google tools
• Manageable permissions
• Metrics for a single post and the complete website

Price: 100% Free

5. Analytify

wordpress google analytics plugin
Analytify is another convenient Google Analytics Plugin that allows you to view data from the WordPress dashboard. You can view the entire site’s data or a specific post or web page. You can also track stats to check where you are getting the maximum traffic for your page or posts.
The one-click authentication process makes it easier for the users to add analytics tracking codes which is an excellent option for users looking for plugins with simple setup formalities.

Despite being popular among the WordPress community (2 million downloads), the free version has limited features and lacks features like affiliate link tracking, file download tracking, and more.

Here are a few features of Analytify:
• Lets you view analytics reports from the WordPress admin area.
• Gain insight to stats of the pages and individual posts
• Availability of multiple addons to improve functionality
• Gives you an overview of the sales and revenues
• Automated email reports for posts, pages, and general stats

Price: Free. The premium package starts at $39

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best WordPress Google Analytics plugin is now a cakewalk, especially with data availability. Each plugin has a different focus, features, performance, which you should consider before making up your mind. So, which Google Analytics plugin would you use for your WordPress? Let me know in the comments below.

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