Best Tools for Building a WordPress Site for Business

Good and feature-rich websites often give businesses an edge in the market. So, you should keep this in mind when you decide to build w WordPress site for your business. You should look to helpful tools and plugins that add value to the site and make it more valuable and helpful. At present, there are many high-quality tools that you can use to build your site and take your business to the next level.

Here are some of the best tools for building a WordPress site for your business –

1. SEMRush

Every business should keep a tab of what competitors are doing. This often needs some data and this is where SEMRush helps a lot. Using this tool, you can see the keywords competitors are raking against, and know both about their paid and organic keywords to change your strategy accordingly.

2. BirchPress

If you want your WordPress site to help user’s book things, then you should definitely use BirchPress plugin. It allows ease of booking and paying for appointments or some products or services. You can thus get a complete online booking system integrated to the site without any big investment.

3. Testimonials Widget

As the name suggest, this tool is for those businesses looking to add customer testimonials on the site. It lets you easily display clients’ feedback about your products or services. The widget helps you build trust through displaying testimonials.

4. Freshbooks

Want to send invoices to clients in an easy manner? More so, want to simplify how you receive payments and manage the finances? All this can be done easily with this cloud-based account software. So, get the tool integrated in the site to boost its efficiency.

5. Beaver Builder

It helps a lot to create landing pages of own choice and present products and services to customers in a desired manner. This task however is tough when you don’t know coding. This plugin will help as it has a simple user interface and let you design page layouts of own choice. So, leverage this drag-and-drop tool and give a boost to your sales and conversions.

6. Buffer

Is it possible to keep social media accounts active even without allocating resources or human capital for that? If it were, your business would save a lot of money in engaging followers on social media. This tool makes all this a reality by helping you schedule the posts for the entire day and do updates even without being there.

7. W3 Total Cache

Fast loading websites perform better than slow ones. Such websites gain better ranking and visibility results and benefits. They bring more conversions as visitors are not kept waiting for the site to loan. Using this tool, you can cut back the load on serve and make the site load faster. All this happens due to offering visitors compressed and cached files.

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