7 best Invoice Generator Tools

Freelancers and small business owners need an invoice to get paid for the services. Invoices generally serve as the legal documents to ensure the payment by the vendor. Invoice is usually helpful to track the payments, finances and for taxation purpose.

Creating an invoice in large numbers can be quite a tedious work if you do it manually. Invoices usually contain details of the product or services rendered, date of issue, name and contact information of the buyer and seller, amount due, payment options and an invoice number.

With the widespread use of technological applications, anyone can generate a professional invoice by using invoice generation tools. Managing accounts and payments is made easy and handy. Here are the best invoice generator tools and their features for novice users.

1. Invoice Home

The best invoice generator with hundred pre-made templates to customize as per your needs.
• Sends email invoices to clients
• Payments can be done through PayPal
• Automatic backup is enabled
• All the archives can be downloaded with a single click
• Numerous logos are made available with templates
• Supports different currencies
• Integration of payment modes with PayPal, Stripe etc
• Easy to download and save invoices in PDF format

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2. Fresh Books

This is the best and most popular invoice generator tool trusted by millions of people around. It is an impressive tool for beginners with its hand-holding interface.
• It has free and reliable invoice creation cloud service
• A step by step instruction wizard to walk you through the whole process
• A user-friendly platform which is easy to use
• It allows custom logos to add to your invoice
• A tax calculator and currency converter are the vital features of Fresh Books
• A 24/7 customer support in times of need is available to assist you

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3. Zoho

This is probably the most established company providing business solutions to everyone involved. The Zoho invoice generator not only creates invoices but also manages them.
• An Easy to edit template to create professional invoices
• The invoice can be saved as PDF and printed out
• Invoices can be saved up in your cloud with signup options
• Due dates of invoices and notifications can be enabled
• Integration of Zoho with other payment apps can be enabled like PayPal and Stripe

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4. Harvest

Harvest is a time-tracking integrated invoice generator with advanced features and reporting tools. It is a powerful tool which can be edited with ease and make changes in real-time from anywhere.
• Addition of logo and color schemes makes it unique
• Time tracking can be done from any device
• Automated invoices can be generated with scheduled frequencies
• Online payments can be done easily with its integration to payment apps
• Tracking and analyzing of invoices can be done
• Currency converter and language translator are enabled to send invoices to clients in other countries

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5. InvoiceToMe

It is a basic, easy to use invoice generator. It is best used by companies and people who prefer original version with tables to add information.
• The invoice can be downloaded in a PDF format
• Fully customizable template is provided
• Simple format with room for adding personal message
• Supports currency changes and calculates tax
• Easier to track the products and payments
• Professional looking invoice is generated within few minutes

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6. Wave

If you are looking for invoicing on the go then wave is the suitable choice. It is highly beneficial for small-scale business models and freelancers.
• Allows scheduling of automatic invoices for recurring clients
• It also reminds of the payments to be done by sending emails
• Automatic syncing of invoicing with accounting software
• An app is available for users on the go to update invoices in real-time
• Allows credit card payments and saves the credit card information
• Invoice status is displayed promptly
• Custom statements can be added as summary of the invoice
• Color and logos can be personalized
• Automatic backup and currency converter

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7. Shopify

Now billing and collecting dues is made easy with the Shopify online invoice generator. The entire process is completed in 3 easy steps of your and customer information and billing items.
• It consists of a professional layout with clean and accurate billing practice
• Tax calculator is included within the invoice
• Customized invoices which can be emailed to clients directly online
• Easy to save and print the invoices
• Personal logo can be added from your gallery
• Notes can be added along with invoice at the end

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Follow a template of your choice and manage your business in an easy way with invoice generator and track bills and payments swiftly in a professional way.

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