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Designing a new project and are stumped for background Textures ? Well , here are 2 sites which will quickly revive & get your creative juices flowing once again !
This place seems to have just about every type / category of texture you are probably looking for , nicely categorized and easily accessible – and as always ( here on Dezign Diva ) FREE . I look to gather up and list here Free Design Resources , and FREE STOCK TEXTURES definitely deserves to be listed in your bookmarks .

FREE STOCK TEXTURES has 11 rich categories of Free Textures which range in :

  • Grunge
  • Wood
  • Ground
  • Wall
  • Stone
  • Liquid
  • Abstract
  • Nature
  • Metal
  • Grafitti
  • Other

Their Textures are beautiful and you will find pages upon pages within every category , therefore : You are bound to surely find something which will inspire you on your work project @FREE STOCK TEXTURES .

Another Great Site ( and my personal favorite ) for all things Web Related are the immensely Creative Group of people over @ WEB TREATS .

This Dynamic Group pf Design experts keep creating some of the most eye-popping Web Related content you will find on the Web – from Social Media Buttons / Icons to PSD’s & some of the very Best in Background textures you will hope to find . They do have some Premium Designs which are available for Purchase over at Graphic River , for the mere sum of just $2.00 U.S. Dollars ( which will not break anyone’s budget I believe ) ; and their Premium Designs are AWESOME ! . However , once you head on over to Web Treats , you will definitely find some of the most spectacular Web Related Content for all of your Web Related needs of this I can assure you .

Be sure to check out their ENDLESS list of some of the BEST Social Media Icons you will find on the Web @ ICONS :MySite MyWay
and they also make some of the best Backgrounds , which you will find anywhere ! Have a look at their endless list of these beautiful backgrounds BACKGROUNDS ETC. ( if you need a Twitter Background – then this is your One -Stop-Twitter-Background-Web-Source ! ) . With all of the variation of styles Web Treats offers , you can change up your Twitter Background every day of the week ! ( literally ! ) the supply of resources this group offers are endless and the best thing is : They continually keep producing new stuff almost every 2 days ! so do Bookmark their site and continue checking back for new material frequently . You will always find something you need and which you will find inspiration in .

Hope you have enjoyed this article and have found it helpful for your next /upcoming design project . Stay tuned , as more Design Matters are coming up . Till then , smile 🙂 Catch ya in cyberspace !

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  1. Texturegen says:

    Another site for you! I’ve recently launched Free Textures from Texturegen which is a rapidly growing resource for quality textures and backgrounds.

  2. Other site: – Free Graphics and Textures for your commercial games and projects!.

    You can find: Textures, sprites, animations, gamepacks, tiles, backgrounds…

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