Best Disk Cleaner Apps for Mac

If you own a Mac, then you probably know all the inherently good things about it. Juggling for some storage space every now and then is a sign that there are some large files eating up your disk memory. However, managing the storage space can be a nightmare if you are unaware of what is using up all the available space. Indulge in some apps to free the storage in your Mac if you want to avoid the task of manual cleaning.
Let’s go through the best apps to clean the Mac disk and create free space.

Dr. Cleaner

If you are looking for a decent cleaning app without using much of system resources, then Dr. Cleaner should be your choice. It does two vital tasks for your Mac like freeing up disk space and clearing your system memory by optimizing. It helps in saving battery by automatically stopping the background running apps after exit. This disk cleaning app helps in purging built-up cache files and empties temporary downloads.
• Optimizes memory smartly
• It does system monitoring along with disk cleaning
• Deletes junk files and duplicate files
• The app is smart to detect trace data after uninstalling apps and deletes them
• It detects large files which can be optimized or deleted
• It allows important files to be locked for protection against deletion
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Ony X

If you have numerous hidden files on your Mac, then Ony X is the best disk cleaner at your hand. It silently restores your memory and storage back to its original state. This app simplifies the maintenance of your Mac with its multi-functions. A simple execution button will automate maintenance, rebuilding, and cleaning of files. The wide range of settings provided in the app can be customized as per your need to boost the performance of the system.
• Verifies S.M.A.R.T status of the system (self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology)
• Works as a maintenance and optimization tool
• Does comprehensive cleaning of temporary files and cache
• Performs automated system tasks like repair of permissions and execution of scripts in maintenance
• Manages utilities efficiently of the system too
• It has easy user interface with help files to guide on every tab
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Daisy Disk

This is the best storage disk analysis utility app you can find for a Mac system. It gives you the visualization of your disk space in map formats to reveal the source of storage waste. An interactive colorful wheel makes it easy to manage your clutter by navigating the app. Apart from internal memory and storage, it shows the storage space of all external disks connected to the system.
• It has simple drag and drop action to delete unnecessary apps
• It is safe to use and helps in protecting important data
• Scanning is done at a rapid pace and saves time
• Its visual interface makes it easy to use even for beginners
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Clean My Mac 3

This is a smart cleanup app you can introduce to your system for scanning every part of your system. It scans old files which are forgotten, large files with piled up data, and trash bins to maintain the healthy working status of your system. The new version has come up with privacy settings and added features to scan iTunes.
• All-round scanner and cleaner
• Scans attachments in emails to find space wastage
• Saves important files in a safety database before deleting junk files
• Takes care of cache in iclouds and photo library
• It removes applications completely upon uninstallation without leaving traces
• It has offline and online cleaner of temporary data
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Disk Doctor

For a robust and in-depth cleaning of your Mac system use the disk doctor app. It goes through literally everything you have used or viewed in your system from emails to browsing history. The launch of new version brought a stunning user interface to optimize the performance of your Mac faster.
• Provides more cleaning options with advanced app settings
• Categorization of the results after the scan to select the files for deletion
• It provides a full preview of the items in a category you are bound to delete
• Scans large files, downloads, trash can, and caches to optimize storage space
• It enables time machine backup to restore files deleted by mistake.
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Install one of the above apps to free up your storage regularly and save time from manual cleaning. Cleaning up the disk space improves the performance of the system and helps in optimization. The additional perk of cleaning the disk is to minimize the risk of viruses and malware. Maintain your Mac in perfect working condition by cleaning and scanning it regularly.

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