Benefits of Opting for CSS over Tables When Designing a Website or Pages

While CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a better option compared to tables when it comes to web site styling and design, the program on its own is not enough to do the job. It is a tool that works with others in order to control the website or pages’ colors, design and style, and overall layout. Many designers tout it to be the design tool of the future and predict the demise of table-based layout designing.

However, people become easily intimidated by CSS because it is perceived to be difficult to use. Webmasters opt for tables instead since they are thought of as easier to understand compared to CSS. Everyone should know the benefits of using CSS over table, especially the convenience of using it for designs as well as the different styles.

The following are reasons why you should take advantage of CSS over tables:

1. Better structure of document
Tables depend on the web designer’s setting when it comes to working on the web page’s typical structure. In such case, there is an issue of accessibility. With CSS, it is easy to go through the website’s layout in order to gain access to the documents.

2. Browser compatibility
When you decide to use CSS, you will find that browser compatibility improves the characteristics of the website while allowing visitors to view it as precisely as the web developer designs it to be.

3. Same appearance in all web browsers
With CSS, you are assured of the same appearance in your website and web pages; whatever browsers you might use. In order words, your website will appear to be the same; whether you open it on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Chrome.

4. Less time consumed
CSS lessens coding time. You will be happy with the work that you produce at the shortest time possible.

5. Saves on bandwidth
As you use CSS for your website, the amount of file transfer is reduced substantially. This means savings on bandwidth, while ensuring more significant listings, paragraphs, and captions.

6. Easily maintained
If you want to implement changes to your site’s CSS files, you will be able to correct or maintain changes on every page of your website – all at the same time. This is true even if the website is large and possesses numerous changes.

7. Lightweight site
Cached CSS web pages assure a lighter site, allowing for substantial enhancement in the viewing experience of any online visitor.

8. Faster Loading Time
Loading time of CSS-layout websites is two times faster than table-based ones. CSS site owners are assured to enjoy more viewers because of fast loading of their websites. (Learn how loading speed affect your site performance)

9. Redesigns are less expensive
With CSS redesigning, you experience spending less time and money compared to redesigning a website via tables. CSS redesign is a boon to those who need to have their websites adorned in beautiful new designs in no time at all.

10. Redesigns are more efficient
Redesigns using CSS are more efficient since the process involves convenient separation of visuals from the site’s content. In doing so, the designer imposes changes to the web pages by simply editing the CCS style sheet.

11. CSS assures consistency in visuals
With CSS external style sheets, you are sure to maintain consistency in your website’s visuals. CSS allows a web designer to have control over visual elements all through the site. And this can be done on a few or single page.

12. Quick web updates
If you decide that you want more website updates, you can achieve this via CSS external style sheets. Easy and fast updating is one of the best reasons why you have to choose CSS.

13. CSS is a favorite of web designing teams
CSS-based web designing projects are a favorite among web designers since they efficiently distribute work among members, making the design fast and convenient.

14. CSS increases usability of website
CSS designed website involves easy and convenient navigation, browsing, and overall interaction. The site becomes a favorite among online users because of its strong usability brought about by CSS designs.

15. Faster page downloading
Faster page downloading is achieved by a CSS-designed website. Unlike table layout wherein a website must be downloaded many times, CSS-designed ones need to be downloaded only once.

16. More layouts and designs
You have a lot of options when it comes to CSS layouts, making the overall appearance of your website meet your very own requirements when it comes to website design.

17. Does away with spacer gifs
With CSS, you do away with spacer gifs. For instance, background colors are now definable with CSS background property, which is a lot more convenience for designers.

18. Future web designing tool
Most designers consider CSS to be the design tool of the future, allowing websites to be fully compatible with any existing or future web browsers.

19. Cost effective
The use of CSS over tables is a more affordable endeavor. For example, web designers may use Photoshop and add numerous images onto a lone style sheet. This cannot be done in table-based layout dealing with a great number of images.

20. Easy to learn
Finally, CSS is the choice of many because it is easy to learn. CSS Learning curve is not steep, compared to that of table-based design. Even those with no formal training in web design can learn CSS lay outing.

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