Basic Difference in Development Using PHP Frameworks And Core PHP

Web applications are developed using various web based programming languages. PHP is one of the most popular web based language and is widely used for the most popular operating systems like Windows, UNIX, LINUX etc.

Core PHP differs to PHP Framework

There is difference between PHP Framework and Core PHP. Let us see this in simple terms. This article will make you aware on why using PHP Framework is more important than the Core PHP. If you are a software vendor or a programmer, you will prefer to use PHP Framework for building your websites and its supporting applications. Among the programmers in the industry there is debate on which is effective and useful. Most of the amateurs have taken the downside on Core PHP over the PHP framework and vice versa. Well, let us see that which one excels over the other and why, the key advantages and disadvantages of one over the other.
The difference of PHP Framework and Core PHP is like learning mathematics either by step by step calculation or by using a scientific calculator.

The comparison between Core PHP and PHP Framework can be related to Mathematics.

• if you are given a complex problem to solve in a scientific mathematics subject, you solve it out in two different steps- either working it out in a paper and finding a solution through various steps; or by using a scientific calculator to get the correct answer. To solve a complicated problem in scientific mathematics, you can either take a paper to work out, or you can use a scientific calculator to solve it.
• Coding programs in Core PHP is the replica for solving a mathematical problem step by step, whereas using a scientific calculator is the same as coding for PHP Framework.
Thus, what do you infer?
Core PHP – Solving Math with an aid of Paper

And the result?

– Bright student can get the solution in very few steps and by applying shortcuts.
– an average student fill be finding the solution, but with some difficulty in arriving the result with a few more steps and some shortcuts.
– poor student will not be able to attempt the question at all or will reach in several steps that results to score below an average guy.
While assessing the marks for these students, the result will vary from 100- 10% or resulting to Zero. So there is an inconsistency and unreliable result solving on paper.

Framework- Using Scientific Calculator

Each student will be able to solve the given mathematical problem with an accuracy of 100%, familiarizing with the scientific calculator. Since the calculator has a predefined set of formulas, the results are accurate, quick and reliable.
Therefore, let us go into some technicality of these in the developers’ real time scenario.
Core PHP involves the programmers to write the codes using their own logic and skills. So, in this case if there are a team of ten developers, the proficiency of developing a code by one programmer will differ from the other. Hence, the result even if it can be able to meet the deadline of the client can produce inconsistent result. Widely regarded as basic and fundamental framework, a developer or a programmer requires a thorough knowledge of the Core PHP language.

Inside the Framework

When it comes to Framework, it is popular for its consistency, reliability and accuracy. As a team building effort, most of the developers working as a team can deliver a consistent result to the project. Since the Framework has a systematic platform, with its functionalities, a developer can code as per the client’s requirement, the work can be shared across the developer’s team and a better result can be produced. You will have a control of the functionalities to go in line with the desired project result instead of coding several times. You have the access and control on the web application since the Framework is developed using OOPS.
While developing a website, there are several parameters to be kept in mind. Framework developers can easily coordinate and integrate the programming codes into a single platform. The projects involving documentation support, database support and model view architecture can be integrated and controlled by the team of developers. Due to its key functionalities, integration of a project coded by several programmers has an advantage of not identifying or pointing out person specific contribution. As a team contribution it helps to analyze each of the team member’s code.
On the technical side, if one has to look about the functionality in the PHP Framework, the key contributor in the web programming language is MVC (Model View Controller), which enables in separation of the designs, functions with logic.

Alteration and Customization

Let us see if a client needs to redesign and alter the project. A situation may arise where the client insists to bring innovation and change of subject from the initial stage of formulating the content for the project. In such a case, a programmer that uses Core PHP has to answer a big NO for the alteration for a completed project. But the case is very simple as a cakewalk in PHP Framework. This is where the attraction of PHP Framework lies over Core PHP.

Some Framework has to work outside the Frame

As we have seen that there are a numerous advantages and positive lines for the Framework, and at the same time there is some key cons too. A web developer has to master the Core PHP language in order familiarize and work with the PHP Framework. The coding basics that are learnt in Core PHP covering the codes, syntaxes, classes have to be thoroughly practiced for the desired PHP Framework.
Since there is a code overload, the complexity is higher for a good level of framework. So for a beginner this complexity will be not digestible unless the learner is thorough and familiar with the Core PHP.


To conclude, for a beginner acquainting knowledge from Core PHP is advisable and then mastering the PHP Framework for a robust and secure website.

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  1. R says:

    Sorry but this is Rubbish, not sure why dev zone picked it up.

    Using a scientific calculator to cruise your way through high school maybe easier and faster and blah blah. Good For You…

    But when you need to solve a real world problem, guess what your calculator doesn’t have a button for that!

    The number of Framework-Drupal-MVC luvin’ “programmers” that can’t even do simple things like “Collect the data in $_POST” or “Make a simple table display of the data in the X table” BLOWS MY MIND!

    Here’s how is goes:

    Boss: “Hey I would like an export of the users table”

    You: “Well I have to install the export module and then make a view and then configure the controller and then set the fields for ….. Maybe tomorrow morning”

    Me: “Sure No Probs, you want that in CSV or XLS? I’ll write a quick sql statement and I have that on your desk in about half and hour”

    What a JOKE!

  2. Arunshory says:

    I like math solving example. This is the good guide for developers when started the website with core PHP or PHP-Frameworks. I have one doubt, Is the PHP-Frameworks are complicated for clients?

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