Android App Development Trends in the Year 2021

Android has a great future ahead, and so is for all kinds of android app development services. Thanks to the promising new technologies into Android coming up every year, making up for a wonderful experience for both Android app developers and the end-users.

User engagement has always been on the forefront, as preferred by most businesses for their target market. To stay competitive by delivering world-class user engagement, let us discuss the trends useful for an android application development company that will take the world by storm in 2021.

Instant app creation in no time

Instant apps have been around for a while now and gaining popularity by leaps and bounds each year. Instant apps are meant to allow users to have a glimpse of what to expect before finally getting it on an individual device.

Such instant apps escalate the number of installs of that application. The technology is beneficial when it comes to games or e-commerce apps to test before the final download.

The biggest advantage of opening up the instant app as a web page is that instant apps require comparatively less traffic than native apps. As a developer, an instant app can be created with ease with dual options for android app development services – building an app from scratch VS redesigning an existing app.

Apps useful for cross platforms

Cross-platform development has a great future with new Google technology in place – we are referring to Flutter. This is a framework that helps to create apps not only for Android but also for iOS, making them be usable across platforms.

Both compatibility and flexibility are promised while using Flutter, making it an ideal mobile application development tool. The best part of using Flutter is to devise apps using the native interface of iOS or Android while making use of native widget and features.

Even the MVP versions of an app can be created by an android app development company with utmost ease, allowing for a reduced development time. Flutter is a class apart for creating ultra-fast MVP versions of the product.

AI and ML has a long way to go

The newest IT sections on the block are machine learning and artificial intelligence that has been used in the apps quite recently. You have so many AI-based photo editing apps with Face App, Prisma, and lots more making a mark in the Android arena.

2021 has many trends related to android app development services, especially with AI, wherein you can expect smart predictions, voice translation, and chatbots. ML and AI’s combo can have a fantastic impact since user behaviour can be traced within app interactions while offering precise suggestions.

Chatbots is a sure shot thing to happen

Chatbots are already gaining a favourable response not just over social media, but even on a business website as well. Customers appreciate amazingly excellent customer service round the clock. What can be expected from chatbots who automatically respond to customer queries irrespective of geographical region or time zone?

More than half of the businesses are already using chatbots with an android app development company to deliver immensely, satisfying customer support. That is the reason for being one of the hottest trends to look forward to in 2021. It takes approx 10 hours to respond to an average query, and with chatbots, this is way lesser.

Services on-demand via apps

Improving customer service is always on the back of the mind for any business. On-demand apps help fulfil the wishes of end-users in real-time while giving them the service they want on-demand.

There are already many on-demand apps present on Android, and this pace is not getting slower, even in 2021. The industries wherein we can anticipate a good number of on-demand apps are cleaning services, taxi booking apps, grocery delivery apps, etc.

On-demand apps are made to track user location via geolocation present as a native feature on both iOS and Android. The services are so instant with this whole GPS functioning that users can have their day to day activities and tasks accomplished with ease on time by letting android app development services build great apps.

IoT going to outshine

Internet accessibility is a common worldwide phenomenon. This has made it possible for even real-world things to be connected to the Internet and be smart in turn.

We are talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) that has a lot to offer to both developers and users, and it doesn’t seem to slow down even this year. The IoT market is estimated to go beyond $1.5 trillion by 2025 no matter what industry it is, whether e-commerce, logistics, healthcare, education, etc.

The most significant benefit with IoT for an android app development company is the ease of communication between living things such as us and non-living things, whether be furniture, electronic devices, and so many other things. An opportunity for collaboration via seamless interaction over the Internet has made IoT one of the most awaited trends in Android development.

The Future Is In Our Hands To Build

The android app development services trends of 2021 are just a small glimpse of what to expect soon. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two additional twin trends, we would like to add here because most people are spending major part of their most people want to stay online nowadays rather than being socially connected to the society via meet-ups, and COVID-19 has just reinstated this fact for any android app development company to leverage the trends to the fullest.

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