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A so-called “Dweeb” Re-defining the Face of Font : NYMPHONT ! Typeface, Text , Font Face , or Typography , are a pivotal aspect to any Web Design , and especially where Logo Branding & Identity Branding are concerned . Your Logo [and your choice of Font or Typeface ] ,will speak volumes about you , your company & your product .

Now , more than ever before , Web Designers are paying special attention & focusing on their choice of Font Type when it comes to designing client or personal Websites . Graphics may portray the greater aspect of Web Design / or a Web Site , however : the right typeface seems to be of equal caliber & bears as much precedence over that particular web design as the graphics themselves .

Albeit , all things pertaining to Web Design have been a predominantly Male arena , there have been as of late a few very talented Women who are surfacing within this highly competitive world of Web Design , Media , Logo & Identity Branding .

Meet the very Illustrious Lauren Thompson . Self proclaimed “Dweeb & Geek ” & very talented Graphic Designer [ although she does not proclaim the latter *] . If any of you out there in the Bloggosphere do not know or have heard of Lauren Thompson yet , well : Book Mark her name or write it down somewhere handy ( like your fridge for that matter ) , because this young talented lady will be making waves ( maybe even redesigning those waves ! ) within this Male dominated arena of Web Design very soon . Lauren is one of those Super-Nova’s which have not been discovered by space scientists yet , but make their emergence suddenly , out of nowhere and explode unto the scene with a big BANG !

Case in point : Lauren , chooses to define herself as a meek ” Blogger ” . However , if you visit her Website @ NYMPHONT , you will be able to clearly assess that this young lady is much more than just a mere ‘ meek Blogger ‘ . She happens to be a Multi- Talented -Super-Nova awaiting Discovery .

Despite the fact that Lauren is considered young – she bears the talent of a skilled Web Graphics designer w/ many years of expertise . Take a look at her self created Logo Type [ which is all the rage btw ! ] titled appropriately : “Nymphont ” This Logo ROX !

  • You may click on image to be taken to the NYMPHONT Download Page

Nymphont Logo

* And here is the NYMPHONT Font Face to go along with the NYMPHONT Logo ( click on Image for Download page )

Nymphont Winged Coffin Logo

Lauren Thompson’s talent does not begin nor end with simply these creations which are exemplified here , she happens to be a great Graphic artist as well . Take a look at her beautifully designed Template ( yes, it’s her’s ! ) and how beautifully its designed – runs smooth , is easy on the eyes , has great structure ( you dont see many Templates like hers ) . I love the grunge , yet classy look of it & I do so hope that Lauren will make MORE ! * Maybe if we all began leaving Template Requests on her page she would eventually give in and make a few more 🙂
Lauren is constantly designing – I believe she must sleep plugged in to her computer – because every time you visit her Website @NYMHONT , you will find something new every 2 days ! ( no, I’m not exaggerating – just keep track ) .

As of late, Lauren has designed one of THEE BEST Twitter Logo & Banner Designs out there ! Dont believe me ? Look at my Latest Tweet ! Banner & on my Sidebar . Beautifully unique isnt it ? Yep I thought you’ d agree . Creation of Miss Thompson herself ! and when visit her site you will get all of these Creative Awesome Icons when you download this Fantabulous Package which the young talented & Illustrious Mz. L. Thompson is offering to you on her download page . Isn’t she UBER KEWL ? Yep, I thought you’d agree 🙂

While you are at Lauren’s page , please take a look around at the other plethora of Freebies which she gives away there . Lauren has also created 2 beautiful sets of Social Icons as well , one is titled ” Lighter Gray : Social Icons ” & can be found : HERE and my personal favorites : SUBTLE GRAY SOCIAL ICONS – and again : They are SUPER CLASSY ! Just like Lauren herself 🙂

For the UBER AWESOME Twitter Set pictured below , please hurry on over to Laurens Page & GET THEM ! The entire set will simply ROCK YOUR SOX ! & your page ~

  • To Get this AWESOME Twitter Font & Banner Set Please Click on Download Button


Twitter Icon Set

I hope you have enjoyed the article and discovering Lauren & her talent . Please do READ the Rules of USE prior to Download ok ? Also , when you do land on Laurens page & do in fact decide to download anything , please DO leave a comment – a simple ‘ Thank You ‘ – for Laurens hard work & generosity . You can also click on the ” Donation Button ” as well . Artists do need to eat too ! . With all that being said , enjoy your new NYMPHONT goodies & please , bookmark Laurens site , her name etc- because as mentioned above : You will be seeing & hearing much more about this talented Super Nova in the months to come and lastly : you can also catch Lauren on twitter @Nymphont . Catch ya all within the vestiges of cyberspace !

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