Advance Your Website Visibility with These Effective Magneto SEO Tips

Magento Search Engine Optimization is an effective process that enhances website traffic by increasing the visibility of the website on search engine. Usually, it considers internet marketing strategy, as well as Magento SEO, is the most powerful internet marketing tool.

Website visibility on the search engine plays a significant role and enhance online presence. Also, increase traffic it does not mean by increase traffic purchase process increase but it must be a great step to convert leads into sales. Below you will find some Magento SEO tips that contribute to make your website content more visible.

Magento SEO Tips:

Make Your Pages Ranking Well
In order to make your page ranking good on the search engine you need to do following things:
• In every web page, distinct but relevant keywords are implemented.
• you must have 200 to 250 words on each page
• You must write an attractive and unique title on your website because the title is the first thing through which visitors and search engine can
find your website. The visitor can open website if the title is related to their search.

• Pay more focus to Homepage.
• use contextual links
• use text links rather than graphic link it is more effective
• Properly and accurately write the Meta description. Searcher first read Meta description, it helps them to learn what is written in the following website. It is basically a summary of the page that website provides to Google and readers.

Improve Your Keyword List

The proper selection of keyword for your website is very much important and SEO is all about targeted keywords. Search engine takes keywords while searching for the accurate result. If you do not properly target your audience with the right keywords your visibility will decrease in the starting page of the search engine. Keywords can greatly impact on your search engine ranking. So effectively utilized keyword but it neither too short nor too long.
There are some keyword searcher tools available in the market:

• Google Keyword Tool
In this tool you can just type the name of your website, title name or any word or phrase, Google keyword tool will provide the list of keyword ideas.

• Google Trends
this tool demonstrates you how quickly or frequently you topic appear in the Google new search as well as in which geographical regions people search and reached your website the most.

• It is also important to measure the competition and effectiveness of keywords in your search engine.

Increase the PageRank with Links

PageRank: Google uses the specific algorithm to measure the page ranking by considering different factors. Other search engines also have the same factors. The page ranking score is from 0 to 10.

• Inbound links are one of the factors while determining the page ranking
• Not quantity is not the factor to increase ranking, but it more about quality, relevance.
• Measure you PR with Google toolbar and Google Webmaster Central
• Make your content fresh and interesting
• Use Call to action button and sharing button on different social media platform
• In the hyperlink text try to use right keywords
• Increase participation in the blogosphere, as this is a great way to add links to your website.

Rethink the Structure of Internal Links

• Where the inbound link is very effective to increase the visibility of the website at the same time do not forget about internal links. This is also really important to enhance the visibility of the website
• The main page of your website is broken down further when you use internal linking structure.
• For the search engine, internal links are in very important consideration. But at the same time, it is important to add internal links wisely.
• While adding internal links focus on the following things:
o Site hierarchy
o Guided navigation
o Sitemap
o Breadcrumb navigation
o Related products, articles, and searches
o Tag clouds and tag pages

Influence the Click Decision

Search engine visibility and page ranking boost on such website mostly where they implemented any Call to Action that triggers users to take the decision. In order to boost the visibility on search ranking companies use both paid internet marketing approach as well as organic tools.
• Attract your user attention with an appealing and trustworthy call to action button
• Search result offer the customer-made result on the behalf of the user search. So you can take the advantage of it by utilizing Magento SEO tips.

Keep Up-to-date of Your Online Store

It is important to keep your website updated according to the SEO preferences and consideration. You need to verify your pages according to:
• Number of pages indexed
• Google PageRank
• Link popularity
• Alexa
• Positions in the search results for important keywords

Optimize Product Images

If you want better search engine ranking and visibility on search engine never forget to optimize your product images. Also, it is important to assure that all images have alt-tags that explain images. It is important is add alt-tags because the search engine does not read images while searching.

The things that need to be considered while adding alt-tags
• Give a proper and clear description of the image and do not use keyword stuff in alt-tags
• Alt-tags must be clear, simple, short.
• The file name of the pic is informative and related to the image rather than IMG00023.JPG

Get away from duplicate content

Duplicate content occurs in the website when the same product appears in different categories of the website due to which some amount of content is shown on the other page of the website. For all search engines including Google not consider good on such websites that contain duplicate content. They do not recommend these websites in high search ranking because these websites considered unreliable and untrustworthy. So it is very important that your website does not contain duplicate content.

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