8 Popular Joomla Template Frameworks: Get a Customized look for your Website

Almost all innovative technology will create novel communities. Same is the case of Joomla, the pioneering vast content management system came into the picture in the year of 2005 which helped in developing various communities around Joomla such as the template clubs, integrators, extension developers, etc. The first T3 version is created using this JoomlArt, which is however helping in creating templates. Though, during the time we observed that the continuous changes in technology like RWD, JS, HTML5, browsers etc. and the user needs and demand makes this template framework indispensable. These frameworks are very easy to use with the following advantages. Firstly, it gives the end user many variations as they are provided with a lot of options. Secondly, each framework is meant for a specific problem like HTML5, Cross browser compatibility or Generic modules. Last but not the least is that it creates Competition innovation which is quite necessary for development of the tech-world.

1. Mero

JA Mero is Dec 2012 sensitive design for Joomla 3.0 and Joomla 2.5. It operates on new T3v3 Structure with plenty of backend sales personalization configuration options. JA Mero activities the city concept of windows 8 OS and activities all the features presented in the T3v3 Structure, It is sensitive by standard with templates to support various mobile phones, comes with easy to use structure configuration and theme magic, which allows you control and personalize almost every part of the design. It also comes with great K2 weblog designs apart from reward designs. it gives room for a check run for all the web pages in the live trial. Designed upon JA’s solid JAT3V3 Structure, JA Mero is sensitive and suits the entire web allowed gadgets and mobile internet explorer with convenience.

2. Eris

Eris Style is a free top quality Joomla 2.5 template, in accordance with the highly effective Gantry Structure. Its corporate/clean design makes this template a must-have in your site’s profile.

3. Apps Pro Tech

It presents an Amazing look, fresh style, eye-catching structure. These are few of the many benefits of the new Apps Pro Technical Joomla! Stylistically, it presents an amazing look and overall look that Keep your guests surprised and envious of the look of your amazing web page and the way of information provided out there, the new Joomla style is the best remedy for those who search for for a fresh and expert look of a web page. Apps Pro Technical is appropriate while developing personal or weblog sites. Capture up with the contemporary technology; use this spectacular venture now, it’s easily designed and an experienced designer can easily Develop an amazing site for your app in just a few moments.


Gravity is the second free design from Theme Expert under the GNU / GPL certificate. And it is available in 4 stylish shade modifications in two different colors, white and black. Gravity satisfies many reasons like business, information, weblogs, community website, game playing website and its flexibility can be many more. Gravity offers 5 stage detail moo menu, RTL Terminology Assistance, 3 Structure Option, Mobile System Assistance and an amazing fast running ability with CSS and JS pressure engine. Gravity is designed with top revealing skill Structure, the new creation framework for joomla ! 1.5 and 1.6 which has customer stage Template Bypass Options, full control over Typography and Design. Get gravity for your site and see how it combines style, greatness and shiny look to your effort and a grin upon your face.

5. Simplicity II

Simplicity II (Joom shaper) released the much anticipated 100 % free Joomla, design, Shaper simplicity II. This is the best 100 % free design for Joomla that allows you to develop almost any types of website like a business, profile, personal, display, website, educational and many more. They have included a brand new 100 % free content slider within this design named Free Slider SP1. Three pre-specified styles, simple image collection component, 12 Lines structure, custom error and off-line page and RTL language supports are also present.

6. Zaara

Zaara is the most perfect response to you; it makes a unique look and feel with lots of functions and versatility. The style is not set for any particular industry; it can be used for portfolio, product display, weblog, business and many other website styles. Zaara is designed for Helix Structure and comes with a predetermined suffix category or the component category suffix and six pre-specified styles in the shade. It has built-in 68+ retractable component roles where you can shop all your segments. It is personalized and can be used for many contemporary styles. We involved the bypass structure of our Free Slider SP1 component as the main glide of the homepage, the place that guests will see or study when viewing your site. It is fast running and suitable IE7+, Firefox, Firefox, Opera etc. It is RTL & LTR terminology reinforced.

7. Cloud-base

The clubhouse is a 100 % free Joomla, design template and developed by the special Innovative Team. CloudBase are 100 % free and comes with a selection of pre-built styles, 32 segments roles, 5 selection options, iPhone and portable support, and lots more, and lSO function along with the Adobe PSD source data file.

8. Zenith

Zenith is a FREE Joomla, 2.5 and 3.0 designs with plenty of Awesome Functions. It’s Bootstrapped and K2 Reinforced so making your own website or weblog is just a simply disappear. Zenith comes with 4 different pre-specified designs. However, you are not restricted to those 4 designs as a Reveal structure allows you to develop your very own design. Some of the Reveal framework’s highly effective features are built-in super choice, wealthy typography choice, sensitive structure, HTML5 and CSS3 along with plenty of different useful widgets.

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