8 Important Tips to Get More Email Subscribers

Email is an important part of marketing these days. A huge traffic of viewers or customers can be generated through emails. The only thing that you need to look for, are the emails that really can turn into your customers. The number of customers will keep increasing as you keep adding the email of a dedicated customer to your email list. Now, here lies the biggest problem. From where will you get these dedicated customers? And how can you increase the length of your email list by adding valuable subscribers?
To answer every such question of yours, we have come up with a few effective ways through which you can get more email subscribers and lengthen your list.

Your Submit Button Should be Interactive with the User

Always keep the submit button as interactive as possible with the users. Here, by the word interactive, we mean that the user’s attention should instantly get into your sites submit button. For this instant grabbing of your viewers’ attention, you can try using different tricks. One of the effective trick is to use colour changing borders. Yes! Suppose the submit button is enclosed in a red border, and changes its colour to green when the cursor interacts with it. This change of colour may drag the user’s attention and force them to try it once by clicking on it.

Easy Email Entering

The only thing that you require in an email list is the email of your customer. If your customers face issues while entering their email addresses, then there are higher chances of losing a valuable customer. So, try to maintain an easy to enter email option that allows your customers to submit their email addresses easily. One thing that you can try doing is, vanishing of the pre written words (like – enter your email address) when they click on it to enter their emails.

Easy Subscription

Any subscriber should be able to subscribe without facing any kind of difficulties. The best way you can help them out, is by making the subscription possible within a few clicks. Having an opt-in form placed on the main page of your site is great, but what if your customer lands onto the other pages? So, the best part to place the opt-in form is your site’s sidebar.

Motivate People to Forward or Share your Newsletter

Encouraging people to forward your newsletter to their friends may fetch you a few more email addresses. This is different from sharing on social media or any other similar sharing option. When you provide an option of sharing via emails, make sure that they create a new email online and then share it with their friends. This will fetch you more customers and also let you know the number of people who have spread the word. You can easily embed such services in your newsletter as there are many best email marketing software available in the Internet.

Use QR Codes

Quick Response codes are something like barcodes, which on detection (using an app) will open the corresponding link on your smartphone. If the link relates to a website, then on detection the sites page will open up in your phones supporting browser.

Offer Special Deals to New Subscribers

Doing things different from your competitors will help people recognize you among a huge crowd. In this part of marketing, that is email subscription, you can try being different by offering special deals to your newly subscribed customers. The best part to reveal these special offers is the confirmation page. Once the user gets subscribed, you can surprise them with never expecting deals.

Let the User be in Control of what they receive

It’s not acceptable when you start losing customers. If the amount of unsubscribes increase, then you need to know the reason behind it. The simplest thing that you can do to prevent customers from unsubscribing is by providing them alternate options, like – change in the frequency of mails or change in the type of emails. Let them have control over what they want to receive in their inbox.

Invite Subscribers through Social Networks

Along with an email newsletter you can try using social networks to invite your friends or fans to subscribe. Social media can be proved to be a huge source of customers, so don’t neglect this option.
So, these were the 8 effective ways through which you can get more email subscribers. Hope that you get benefited from the above mentioned ways to increase your email list.

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