8 Exceptional iOS Apps That You Should Download in 2021

If you are a crazy iPhone freak, then there are certain apps that you simply cannot live without. The whole Apple experience is incomplete unless you install some of the best apps.

We thought to bring you some of the best mobile apps that 2021 has to offer for all iOS users. While you may already be familiar with some, you will definitely fall in love with others in the list.


Now that WhatsApp has admitted that it shares your data with Facebook, it is time to move on to a more reliable option for your daily communications. Kik is the communication app that you should opt for in 2021.

Kik is a phenomenal communication app that frees you from the need to remember phone numbers. The app lets you choose a custom username that you could share with all your friends on the app. The app provides all the messaging and calling basics and adds exciting features such as small games that you could enjoy with your friends.

The ASL App

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to speak or hear that most of us take for granted. Fortunately, apps like The ASL App make the deaf and dumb people’s journeys convenient.

The app provides you with the most user-friendly method to learn sign language on your iPhone or iPad. Through this app, you can learn the basic signs such as the alphabet, numbers, gestures, and much more.

Chegg eReader – study eBooks

Every college student understands the pain of managing numerous textbooks that not only cost a lot but adds to the weight of your backpack. Luckily, the Chegg eReader app is here to relieve you of this problem.

The app is a phenomenal compilation of eBooks on all sorts of educational topics. You can access textbooks on a variety of subjects without carrying physical books all the time. You could further take notes, search for specific textbooks using keywords, and so much more.


There aren’t many reliable platforms where you can enjoy high-quality anime all the time. Crunchyroll is a remarkable platform where you can enjoy all your favorite anime shows like Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, and numerous others without any hassle.

The app also offers premium status where you don’t have to deal with irritating ads in between critical moments. Just make sure to complement this app with a reliable internet service provider like Suddenlink internet so that you do not face any buffer whatsoever. Suddenlink customer service is highly efficient and always there to assist you in case of any glitches. 


You cannot have enough high-quality entertainment nowadays. That is why you need apps like Hulu to fully satisfy your binging urges. Hulu hosts a vibrating collection of engaging content on almost every genre imaginable.

This app not only offers true HD movies and TV shows, but you also get to enjoy exceptional live TV channels on sports, news, and much more. The app is packed with captivating TV shows like Castle Rock, Veronica Mars, and numerous others. 


We all understand the important role that Netflix played in our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is thanks to this platform that we did not go insane while we were all locked up inside our homes.

You cannot ignore the importance of Netflix in 2021 either. The app is enriched with a huge library of entertaining content from every genre imaginable. If you wish to enjoy classic Hollywood titles like Arrested Development, Money Heist, and countless others, this is the platform to visit.


No matter how much money you earn, who minds saving a few bucks when they can? Groupon is thus the next app that you should have on your iPhone or iPad. The app provides a diverse selection of discount offers and deals up to 70% off.

It locates nearby restaurants that offer discounted meals, finds the best local massage parlor, and allows you to grab your favorite gadget at discounted rates.


Whenever you visit a local café, diner, or restaurant, you spend a lot of time figuring out what to order and how much your order will cost. LevelUp is a phenomenal app that helps you in this situation.

The app lets you decide and place your order in advance right from your phone. Before you leave for your meal, you can easily browse for your preferred choice of meal and place just with a tap of your finger. This means you can start enjoying your meal as soon as you arrive and avoid the preparation time. 

Summing It Up

These are only some of the best iOS apps that you can download right now. The Apple App Store is filled with an unlimited amount of apps that cater to all sorts of needs in everyday life. All you have to do is search with the right keyword and you will find an app for practically everything.

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