8 Best Lead Generation Plugins For WordPress In 2017

For your business, you have to work on lead generation. The competition is getting tougher with every passing day, and it seems quite difficult to stay right at the top. So, to avoid any form of problems, it is mandatory to work on the lead generation routine. That way, you can always claim to be right at the top, even when the competition is tough with other giants, within the same industry. Without proficient lead collection, it becomes quite impossible for you to come up with the new challenges, and business opportunities. You even fail to interact with the customers well, on time. o, try working on best lead generation plugins for 2017 WordPress styles.

The internet is flooded with so many WordPress lead generation plugins. But, here, you are going to know more about the 8 of the leading ones, which will enhance the value of your online business now in 2017.

1. WordPress leads

Mostly defined as a standalone plugin, WordPress leads wok with the landing pages and even the call to action sources. This is a powerful example of free lead generation tool, meant for your business growth. It can work wonder for your website and can further help you to create a powerful form of visitor tracking. They will work from that space where the Google analytics mainly leaves.

2. Gravity Forms

This plugin is solely designs for form lead generation. And it is rather cheap, when compared to the other plugins, which are ravishing the 2017 market. It is known for its customized forms, used for multiple pages. Not only that, but it comes with great support system and customize logics for forms. You can use this tool for styling the needs of your site, which works as another plus point.


This WordPress plugin is designed for converting the traffic of your websites into customers and subscribers. It comes with whole lot of features, making it perfect for marketers to acquire some great customers and new leads. Some of the interesting features of this plugin are exit intent technology, drag and drop form building area and even built-in analytics.

4. Salesforce CRM

In case, you want to create a strong integration between the Salesforce CRM and WordPress installation, then this plugin is what you should be looking for. People have the right to enter the contact form on your website, and this lead goes straight into CRM platform of Salesforce. You are free from the copy paste ordeal and no more hassles of missing leads.

5. Optin Forms

For a simple way of attracting subscribers, you might want to catch up with Optin forms. It can further be used for converting sales. This customized form plugins are used for boasting super easy form of setup. It also has an elegantly designed platform for creating optin forms of your website.

6. Thrive leads

This plugin helps in combining six different forms of capturing information, and collaborate it into one plugin. It helps you in targeting offers to some visitors, and with A/B testing panel. This sector is used for offering the best metric overview of all time.

7. LeadBoxer

It is time for you to feed the sales right now, and close some important deals. And that will help your business to gain the name of actionable lead. For that, you can try getting smart, and LeadBoxer will help you in your way of work. Now, you can sign up for the free trial version as well, which will last for 3 weeks.

8. UpiCRM

Through this WordPress plugin, you get the chance to extent popular contact and offer a promising CRM solution. This is quite simple and even easy to plugin. There is an intelligent and powerful solution, which can be designed for all the WordPress users, now.

Follow these plugins right now

These above-mentioned plugins are the top 8 of the unlimited options, available for the 2017 market. There are so many other options available, as well, like Icegram, Popup domination, LeadPages and more. For any use, make sure to contact experts first. The WordPress developers are well-acquainted with different uses of these plugins, and can help you to choose the best one, among the lot.

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