7 Best Ways to Set Up a Testing Environment for WordPress

WordPress has allowed millions of people to initiate their web-based businesses with great ease. This robust CMS runs smoothly at most of the times. Nevertheless, as a large number of people use this platform under different environments, unexpected issues keep flourishing every now and then.

When your website is live and performing well, different errors ( theme’s incompatibility with the new version of the WordPress, plugins, code conflict, etc,) can dilute its overall performance.

Most of the website owners don’t want to keep their websites in offline mode for checking and sorting out errors. It affects their business negatively. Therefore, they look for ways to test website errors without damaging a live website.

By setting up a testing environment, site owners can check different WordPress website errors, themes, plugins, new versions of WordPress while keeping their site live. If you are facing unpleasant situations on your WordPress site, here are some ways to set up a testing environment and eliminate errors easily-

1. NS Cloner – Site Copier

It is a good Plugin for WordPress developers. With this plugin, they can easily clone WordPress websites, themes, plugins, content, custom post types, media files, etc, within a few minutes on a multisite network. This allows them to check their site for all possible errors easily and independently. They can resort to its premium version to access more features and functionalities.

2. Duplicator

It is a useful WordPress plugin, using which you can replicate your site and use it in a different location. It allows you to test your site themes and plugins easily and apply the changes on your real website.

This plugin easily manages file upload and database upload in WordPress. It automatically takes care of the URL change when you migrate/replicate/replace your website. Moreover, you can use it to backup your website. However, this plugin doesn’t support multisite. In case, you need more features and functionalities to test your WordPess site, switch to the premium version of this plugin.

3. WampServer

If you want to create a development environment on 32 and 64-bit operating systems, then you can use WampServer. It comes with Apache2, PHP, and MySQL which allows you to create a wide range of web applications and manage their databases easily.

In terms of WordPress, it helps you abundantly in WordPress installation. You can create a multisite and make your WordPress site data with MySQL. Furthermore, you can edit configuration files, access a number of logs, create a duplicate copy of your site, etc, in online or offline mode.

4. Theme Check

Theme check plugin automatically checks the theme that you use on your website and lets you know whether your theme follows the latest theme review standards or not. It also supports WordPress Multisite installations. To test your theme, rush to the admin area of your site and click the “Theme Check” option. Based on the results, you can make the necessary corrections in your theme or use another theme.

5. DesktopServer

Whenever you create a new site, you are supposed to install XAMPP, MAMP, or WAMP. After this, you need to configure it yourself and accomplish a number of tasks (such as creating a database, editing host file, etc,) to complete the website creating work.

It becomes a headache for you when you have to create and run a number of sites. Therefore, DesktopServer is a very useful tool for you. With his tool, you can easily create a web server environment on your local computer within a few clicks and can play with your site the way you want.

You can easily check plugins, themes, the exact status of new WordPress update installation on your site, etc, without disturbing the live site. If you use its free version, you can perform up to 3 installations of WordPress. Availing its premium version can help you to setup multisite easily.

6. Instant WordPress

Installing a WordPress website and checking its themes, plugins, new WordPress updates often irritate users and they tend to ignore it. As a result, they suffer a massive loss in the long run. To avoid this, you may use Instant WordPress.

It’s a portable WordPress development tool, which helps you to turn Windows machines (such as a USB key) into a development server. By doing so, you can accomplish WordPress installation and test WordPress themes/plugins quickly.

7. WP Test

As a serious WordPress developer, website owner, site admin, you would definitely love to bookmark this amazing site. It offers you test data for WordPress themes and plugins, allowing you to perform the test without facing any technical complication. The best thing about this site is that it notifies you possible test scenarios, wherein you need to check your site’s themes and plugins to ensure their optimal performance.

Final Words

Taking preventive maintenance steps and troubleshooting is an important part of WordPress website operation. Just use the above-mentioned resources to set up test environments easily and check your WordPress site wholly.

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