6 Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Store on Social Media

E-commerce businesses have been using the assistance of social media platforms for very many reasons. When it comes to best use, the fact is that social media platforms are the best for promoting businesses online. The large bases of users present on social media make them an extensive ocean of prospective customers.

Show socially trending products

There are products that are more social innate than other to drive interests in people sharing them on their social networks. For products that are being shared on social media consistently, it is crucial to highlight this info for your company and visitors. You can achieve this through adding a popular product feed on the site to allow potential clients to view what is trending among your assortment of products and help the business to understand performing products effectively on social media. Products which perform well on social media will help give the business insights on the things to purchase, develop, and plan against future products of the e-commerce store.

Remind your users to share the purchasing process

When done in the right manner, the integration of social media on the whole experience of your e-commerce store will increase the probability that other people will follow the footsteps of your customers from actions published on social media. It is vital not to annoy your users on social platforms by over publishing actions available on the site. You need to focus on attaining a healthy balance for sharing interesting activities for web visitors and provide value to visitors that see content on their social feeds.

Use comment systems on social media

Comment systems on social media like Disqus, Livefyre, or Facebook Comments are great tools for making the commenting experience on the content and formulating conversation with commenters more credible and engaging through social amplification and verification on the e-commerce site. Often found on blogs of ecommerce store, these comment systems need commenters to sync their social accounts to tools so that a genuine profile gets linked to your identity. This helps in reducing trolls, but more crucially, makes the whole commenting process more social by sharing conversations and engaging thoughts from comments to the favorite channel of the user.

Offer Social Sign-In

People visiting your e-commerce store have the ability to create an account on your site to gain access to their profile, begin filling the cart, view their history of purchases, make purchases, and do other functionalities. It also allows users who have signed in to specific social platform to sign in to the website by use of the sign in feature, removing the need of using a username and password. Facebook is the most populous sign-in integration on e-commerce websites because it is the most widely used social platform. Social signing is advantageous to e-commerce stores since research shows that the users spend a lot of time and buy more than users that do not in through social.

Share content generated by users on the site

Most content regarding your business gets generated by fans sharing videos, photos, and updates about your service or products, regardless if the content is negative or positive. One way of taking advantage of this content about your brand is highlighting it on your site. Services like Curalate, Pixlee, Olapic, and many others allow businesses to moderate and highlight content from followers, fans, and customers through hashtags that relate to your product. Displayed in the photo feeds, these images can undergo moderation and curation to show the best fan generated content.

Place Share Plugins on Pages of Products

This is a common feature on e-commerce today and includes several social sharing buttons on the product pages. This has become very common over the years because of increased engagement and visibility on social media. To add them on your e-commerce, visit the social buttons and plugins section of all social platforms you are interested in and integrate them on your page. You only need to choose a few social plugins for your pages.


Social media is a very effective platform for handling marketing your e-commerce store. However, if you want it to work wonders for you, there are so many things you need to do. Being on one social channel is not enough if you do not have functional strategies. The strategies above will work for you. Put them at work and you will have the ability to enjoy benefits that social channels have in store for you. You efforts do not have to end here. There is so much more you can get from your social media channels.

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