6 Reasons Why Startups Must Prefer Android App Development

As the smartphones are becoming an indispensable part of our lives, the businesses are focusing more on making their brand available on the mobile. They are not restricting their approach to traditional marketing tactics including launching a website. Rather, they are embracing the cutting-edge technologies and investing in mobile app development.

And surprisingly, not only the established brands but startups are also understanding the paramount importance of having a mobile application and are putting their efforts into the same.

If you are one such startup who is planning to launch a brand application of your own, it is likely that you might be confused which platform to prefer for catering to your app needs – Android or iOS.

Though both the options are beneficial for bringing your business into the limelight, it is better for a startup to focus upon Android app development. Wondering why so?

Here are the best 6 reasons to pick Android iOS for your app needs:-

Wider Target Audience

Android, as per the market stats, holds a bigger slice of the mobile market share. It leads with 76.99% of market share, implying it is profitable for a startup to consider Android app development. Your brand can reach to a wider audience with lesser efforts.

Besides, the Android platform runs on both low-end devices and high-end devices, which signifies the technology is worth paying attention to for targeting the people from developing as well as developed regions. iOS, on the other side, has a lesser-to-no scope of entertaining users from developing nations.

Lower Investment

Android is an open-source platform. Most of its tools and services are available for free, which helps to lower down the mobile app development cost. Besides, the cost of hiring an Android app developer is far more affordable than that of an iOS app developer. On the top of it, Google Play Store demands a one-time fee of $25 to submit a mobile application, while App Store charges $99/year. Because of these factors, the Android platforms is much cost-effective than iOS, which can be a boon for a startup struggling with resources and funds.
So, are you planning to focus upon Android app development now?

Ample of Customization Options

Regardless of how complicated your mobile app idea is, the Android platform always has a room for customization and innovation. It offers exclusive multimedia tools, communication mediums, data management functions, and other such services that you need as per your business needs. Apple, being stringent with its app layout guidelines, is less modest for such customizations.
To dig deeper into the customization options, discuss with the best Android app development company.

Earlier App Launch

Since Google is more liberal than Apple in terms of app approval guidelines, an Android application hits the marker earlier than his iOS partner. This makes a major difference, especially in the highly-competitive market of today where every brand is looking forward to having a brand mobile app.

Improved Brand Visibility

Despite the growing demand for mobile applications, various established brands and startups are still scratching their head if they want a mobile app or not. In such a scenario, an effort towards creating an Android mobile application can be a fruitful decision.
So, don’t hold back! Hire an expert and add value to your brand with exquisite Android app development services.

Better Marketing

Google empowers the team to publish their Android mobile application on various third-party platforms, which improves the app visibility. This is a competitive advantage of going with Android application development over iOS.

As described in the above-given points, a startup can reap higher benefits by investing in Android app development. So, look forward to it. However, do not restrict your app development process to the native Android platform. Once your Android app begun getting higher attention in the mobile market, plan to launch your brand app in the iOS market and double your profits.

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