6 Essential Design Tools for Marketers

Well, the word marketing has got a lot in it. From creative ideas to amazing strategy and perfect execution everything could be important creating the best marketing campaigns. But it not only these three things that count in its much more in it. Just like the behind the scenes of a drama or film. These behind the scenes tell you the struggle and hassle that was there while filming it and makes you understand how the final product was amazing. This is with marketing as well.

It has much more on the back to make the front end to have that amazingness and creativity. Marketers struggle at regular basis to make their strategies work but with hands-on technology they can just bring their ideas to real-life with much more to it.

But the question here is about what tools could be used and what is the best among them to be used? Well, if you have any question then this blog might answer it all for you. Here we have explored 6 essential design tools for marketers that can help them with their marketing campaigns in different dimensions.

1. Crello- Free Design Templates For Marketing Materials

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The first in the list is Crello. It is a free tool that allows marketers to create images that could be used just anywhere. From blogs to posts and from ads to any other marketing materials any images could be created here. The best part is that it is completely free of cost which means that you can design whatever you want and that too with no amount to pay. But this does not limit the number of design and even in the free version you can have 10,000 designs and 12,000 free photos and vectors.

Thousands of layouts and images can just give your marketing campaign a touch of amazingness and customization through visual and graphical elements and that is what a marketer always looks out for. With Crello you can save costs and might be able to replace your logo design company that charges a lot from you. Well, moreover, you don’t need a professional outlook at designing while using Crello. It is just simple to use where to choose a layout, get it customized with your choices and the picture is ready to be used in any of your marketing campaigns.
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2. Prezi- A Must-Have Tools For Presentations

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Prezi is not a tool that was built keeping marketers as the only focus yet marketers have contemplated using it to great effect. Prezi basically is a cloud-based service where you can make some pretty impressive presentations. This has been used to create a presentation with different templates and make the presentation of the data and ideas to become more interesting and attractive.

The marketers more than often need to present their ideas to internal and external stakeholders which is why this tool could be profoundly used in making their presentation more appealing and much clearer. It can have visuals, amazing templates and symbols and everything in between. Although, it requires a cost to get to amazing templates of presentation and the costs are between $5 to $50 per month depending upon the services that you would like to hire but I guess these costs are totally worth against what you will be getting and the effect it will bring to your marketing presentations.
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3. Pixlr- The Easy Way To Edit Images

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Visuals are an important part of marketing and especially to create the attention of target market. But not all visuals are able to get the kind of attention that you want. Customized visuals and graphics are thus important but it only sounds easy and creating these visuals might be hardest thing a marketer has to do. However, with Pixlr it could be possible. This is one of the most basic functions of Adobe Photoshop and can let you any image at any time. It is like a rescue if you are unable to work on software like Photoshop. It is completely free and can make you have the best features to be brought in just nothing. Easy to understand is another additional feature that has made the marketers to use it for their better. Creating and Editing could be at your hands even if you are not a professional at it the only thing you have to get to is Pixlr.
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4. Venngage- Impressive Infographic to Increase Engagement

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Infographics have more power to catch the attention of the viewers and are thus used more than anything else. Creating content requires having some infographics and this is what can be useful for marketers. Keeping this requirement in the minds we have brought you the fourth tool in this pack and it is Venngage. It can enable you to create something that is amazing in terms of infographics to present your data. This can help marketers out in numerous ways and even the ways that they cannot think of at the first place. But it requires some money, student account there is for free but premium and business accounts which have amazing features should be bought at minimum of $9 and a maximum of $49. But this is something that you can pay to connect with your audience.
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5. Google Fonts- The Right Fonts For Your Marketing Visuals

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Well, typography is one of the important aspects of creating attention through images and graphics and this is what Google Fonts have helped marketers into. It gets you to 800 fonts that you can use according to your needs and requirements. Moreover, all the fonts are free and it can let you to everything against no costs.
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6. Tilda- The Easiest Way To Create Landing Pages

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Landing pages are the destination where you want your traffic to be. But how about getting the traffic to a page to only let them be disappointed? Well, none of the marketers would want this to happen and this is where Tilda can help you out. Tilda can be used to create an amazing website with the template that it has got and drag and drop blocks can make you work on it easily. You don’t need the knowledge of programming to make it happen. This is a powerful tool for marketers to create their landing page on their own. Yet again the tool is absolutely free and you can work on it without any costs to be incurred.
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Well, most of the tools mentioned were highly specific in terms of the target they were hitting and most of them are of no costs which as a marketer I think is the best thing to consider. I have used all of these tools and I think they have been more than productive for me at any stage of my marketing campaigns.

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