6 Best WordPress Project Management Plugins

The WordPress project management plugins give you the opportunity to carry out all the activities in the right way ensuring that your site functions flawlessly. It gives you the confidence to operate the features in the right way exploring all desired results. Thus, you can handle the procedure in an organized way that brings in all real time benefits. You can now handle your projects efficiently that makes it easier to get familiar with all optimistic facets.

Here are mentioned 6 popular and best WordPress project management plugins using which you can get access to all feasible solutions.

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1. WordPress Project Management by UpStream

UpStream is a free project management plugin. UpStream allows you to manage any type of project from inside your WordPress site. Your clients can track the progress of their project via the frontend project view. Your team can see all the tasks and bugs that are assigned to them.
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2. Orbis

This is another effective tool, which completely changes the look of your WordPress dashboard helping your projects to get done properly. And you can customize the plugin according to your project requirement ensuring that you get familiar with all necessary options. The plugin is an extendable one and you can change the theme anytime exploring an improved look. You can add new clients and people that enhance the business opportunities in real time. Also, you can get feedback that helps you to analyze your business’s popularity in the market.
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3. Project Panorama

This plugin comes out with a plenty of smarter features helping in a better project management. It includes a project cloning tool that helps you to create a new project. Here, you don’t have to follow those complex steps and thus it becomes easier to handle the options. And you can find an automatic calculation system here that aids you to complete the entire phase in a proper way. Using this plugin you can get an improved visual communication enhancing the scope to get a better business set up. You can now easily establish a successful connection with your team managing the project in your way.
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4. WP Project Manager

This plugin aids you to assign projects to users, create new projects and you can also send messages related to project status. While sending messages you can easily necessary files that help the person on the other end to comprehend the detailed features. And you can create a to-do-list and you can thus incorporate a visual progress bar that features the status of the projects. Next, you can add comments on specific projects that enable you to get familiar with all beneficial results as you need.

The milestones come out as a great option that improves the progress of a project and thus you can feel the ultimate confidence while handling the task. You can opt for a premium version of WP Project Manager where you can add different other features exploring a smarter backdrop. It becomes easier to get access to all necessary files, which come under one roof. Thus, you can now deal with the task confidently featuring the best outputs that help you to comprehend the true importance of the plugin featuring a clean system.
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5. SP Client Document & Project Manager

It helps you to manage all project files that enable you to handle the facets perfectly fulfilling all your specifications. It turns out as an effective document collaboration system using which you can easily update, share, organize and track project related documents. Make sure you install the updated version of the plugin that gives you the chances to discover the beneficial solutions in real time. In this regards, you can consult with a technical expert knowing the detailed features of the plugin that gives you the poise to go ahead in real time.
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6. TaskFreak

It gives you a quick access to the WordPress dashboard helping you to manage the project works easily without investing much time. Here, you can edit, delete and add new projects according to your needs that give you the opportunity to handle the works efficiently coming out with effective results. It’s a responsive plugin using which you can handle both public and private projects. The plugin supports multiple languages detecting default WordPress user role making the process easier. Thus, you can now easily incorporate team members making the project a successful one.
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Taken as a whole, these are the top 6 WordPress project management plugins that enable you to come out with all effective facets.

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