6 Best Online Payment Solutions

Whether you are an online shopper or an online retailer, you cannot deny the importance of using a suitable and convenient online payment solution. With an overwhelming options of payment solutions to choose from, which ones you can trust for your online transactions or real-time orders is a tough call.

Don’t despair, to help you make an informed choice, here we present top 6 online payment solutions that are credible and convenient to use.

1. Skrill

This payment solution was launched in 2001 and has emerged as an alternative to PayPal and is getting popular by the day. Thanks to the intriguing features such as a free set up, instant withdrawals & deposits, exclusive offers, option to accept from almost 40 currencies, low transaction fees, and ability to send text messages right from your account.

The most amazing feature is if any user refers a friend, the company automatically, gives 10 percent of the fees they generate from the payment into the referee’s skrill account for an entire month. Great what you say?
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2. Payza

Payza earlier known as AlertPay is another popular service that offers flexibility to receive or send payments from anywhere in the world just in simple few clicks. It is free to sign up, comes with an user-friendly interface and a robust security system. Other key features are shopping cart integration, secure online payments, centralized management, request or send funds, also accepts bitcoin.

This payment gateway is available in almost 22 currencies and is widely used in over 190 countries. This online payment solution is more popular among merchants in the developing countries wherein they use it to send and receive money on a global scale.
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3. Google Wallet

Formerly known as Google Checkout is another payment solution that has made it to our list top 6 online payment gateways. Needless to say it is our Google’s version of Paypal and it enable users to send & receive, speedy money transfers from their Gmail account, browser, or smartphone in a simple and secure way. Google wallet can be easily accessed through the goggle wallet app or Gmail.

Besides, users can store their every type of cards like debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, to their accounts. Platform is essentially known for its convenience and easy-to-use interface. Google as we know has innovation in its genes and is coming up with a ‘physical card’ soon. Once this card is successfully connected to users’ accounts, they can utilize it to make purchase at point- of- sale both online or in stores.
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4. WePay

Another online payment service provider that has made it to the list. It is incredibly simple to use and allows users to accept credit cards and bank account payments in just a matter of minutes. It is known for offering a premium customer service and protection against risks and frauds. Other key features include marketing automation, event ticketing, and invoicing.

The most interesting feature is users can complete their purchases without any need to leave the site, smart use of a virtual terminal. However, the major drawback of this payment gateway is it is only available for the U.S citizens only.
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5. Amazon Payments

This payment method is used widely by Amazon merchants and customers alike. It is a simple, swift, and secure payment gateway that allow users to send and receive money using Amazon’s API. Since, almost everyone has an account on Amazon, it has become a popular online payment solution.
Due to its convenient and easy to use interface, online retailers have started accepting payments through Amazon.

No matter on which site users make a purchase, they automatically pay with Amazon. It allows retailers to give their shoppers a speedy and seamless shopping experience as they will be using their Amazon credentials for this. Besides making the whole check out process a snap for the shoppers, it also add to the credibility element of the site. If you are an online retailer, think about accepting payments through Amazon.
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6. PayPal

The list will be incomplete without the mention of Paypal, when it comes to online payment gateways, Paypal is the undisputed winner. It is the world’s most trusted and widely used online payment solution with over 137 million active users and is available in almost 26 currencies. It is the most trusted gateway for monetary transactions online for merchants, business owners, customers and freelancers.

Acceptance of cheques via smart phone’s camera, use of card swiper and allowing customers to complete the purchase without leaving the site are added bonus with Paypal.
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Wrapping Up

Lastly, each payment gateway comes with its own set of benefits and fallbacks. Based on your requirements, you need to take the final call, which one is best for your business model or as an online user which alternative is most handy and reliable for you.

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