5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2018

Whether you want to make the content more shareable or the blog to be found by popular search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, the reliable and best WordPress plugins have these 3 things in common:

• They are lightweight.
• They are easy to use.
• They will not mess things up on the blog.

This content management system offers several fancy plugins which are in fact a must have for the websites build on it as a base. I have used several plugins over the last five years.

In this post, I am going to explore top 5 Plugins for WordPress site.

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1. Limit login attempts

As a website owner, you never want to face a hacker’s attack. Not the prime security, but downloading and installing, this plugin will give you security up to some extent. This will primarily secure you from brute force attack.

Brute force attack is the hacker’s attack in which the hacker tries to log in to the website by using every possible combination of characters.
One logical way to save your website form this attack is to give a limited number of login attempts to the user and this is what this plugin does.
Download Here

2. WP super cache

It is known as open source software. Without even asking I can tell that you like speed and moreover when it is on downloading the web page. Your website will conquer hearts once you install this plugin. The loading speed will go skyrocketing and the results will be unexpected. Working on this plugin is very simple to understand. What usually happens is that once you request a web page on a WordPress based website, the entire content, including the photos and the videos get loaded.

Thus, the process takes a lot of time making it very slow. This plugin will help your speed by saving a copy of your website on the server and making it easy to be fetched. This decreases the fetching time and increases the performance of your website.
Download Here

3. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

One of the most important thing in business is to keep improving as without report card, the world will spend no time before sending you packing. For improvement you need to know in what field you lag behind. It provides you all the statistics that you need to manage things. This will give you information on the traffic you have had in the past, visitors’ waterfalls and also at what point the visitor left the site. This is really useful to fully assess the current situation and to formulate the strategy for future.

Best part of this plugin is that it gives you an instant reply of your customers on your new business idea. For using it you need not load the entire page, logging into WordPress through the plugin will do the work.
Download Here

4. Yoast SEO

It is a well known fact that the power of content in the website is supreme. However, it is not that you can just put in whatever you wish. For increasing your ranking in the search engine results and traffic you need to have an SEO of your content.

Yoast SEO is a really good plugin that reviews your content and grades it like a traffic light (with the green being best and red being improvement needed). SEO content is very important as it puts you up in search results, hence automatically giving you the visitors’ preference.
Download Here

5. Akismet Anti-Spam

One of the most annoying things in being in blogging business is spam blog comments. It just comes time to go through the spam comments. Not only your temperament, but it is also bad for your SEO ranking. This is a big problem and this plugin gives you the finest solution. The main working of this plugin is based on creating a database.

Once you install it, you are also included in a database. It stores the IP address of all the spam comments no matter on which site of its database it is done. This helps it to flag the comment if the same user tries to comment. Hence it helps you to distinguish between the two.
Download Here

Wrapping Up

WordPress has shown tremendous growth because of its user-friendly environment. It is easiest to use and also provides a lot of facilities. In the above article, it can be seen that it offers many plugins to make your life simple. The performance shown is great. It is great to see that how great is the response from the youth. Using WP, developing a website is not a very difficult task. Not even training in the technical field is required. With greater ease WordPress also provides great plugins, making our work even easier.

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